Snow Cream Recipe

So many of us have a foot or more fresh snow arrived overnight and all the schools are closed.. its a snow day! Hubby was told.. work from home day!

Looking for something to do with the kiddo’s and or to enjoy that fresh snow.. make Snow Cream!

Just another Day on the Farm

We had company come yesterday for a quick but lovely visit and I made Snow Cream for the three of us as our dessert. It was the first time my guest and as it turns out my mother had every had it. It was a hit! It’s always a hit..

I got asked where I had learned about it and I had heard about it years ago when I lived in Iqaluit, Nunavut because it was so costly to buy “store Ice cream” I made both homemade ice cream (with a machine) and I made homemade Snow Cream.

However doing some digging after being asked about it yesterday in regards to its history, it is pretty hard to track down, it does appear that is a much-loved treat in the southern states of the US and strangely it’s not very common knowledge in Ontario Canada.Its a simple three things recipe…

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