Snow Cream Recipe

We had company come yesterday for a quick but lovely visit and I made Snow Cream for the three of us as our dessert. It was the first time my guest and as it turns out my mother had every had it. It was a hit! It’s always a hit..

I got asked where I had learned about it and I had heard about it years ago when I lived in Iqaluit, Nunavut because it was so costly to buy “store Ice cream” I made both homemade ice cream (with a machine) and I made homemade Snow Cream.

However doing some digging after being asked about it yesterday in regards to its history, it is pretty hard to track down, it does appear that is a much-loved treat in the southern states of the US and strangely it’s not very common knowledge in Ontario Canada.Its a simple three things recipe. Its my understanding that you can make it with milk and sugar, but the use of the Condensed Milk means that it’s already got both and in a nice thick sauce.

Snow Cream Recipe

  • 12 to 14 cups of fresh snow, if its heavier snow got with the 12 cups if it’s really Fluffy go 14 into a big bowl or steel pot.. Chilling the bowl or the pot will help give you an even better result but it’s not required for it to work.
  • One can of Condensed Milk (the better the quality of this, the better the overall result)
  • 1 tsp of the Best Quality of Vanilla you have in the house

Fill your big bowl with your fresh snow, Take the top two inches off the snow if you can and then take fresh snow after that. Try not to take the first hour of your snow storm as it will have the most “dirty” snow of the storm.Ā  Then drizzle your Vanilla and your Sauce over the snow and mix it together with a big wooden spoon.. I always use a wooden spoon but I am sure other would work as well..

Blend it together until it comes together into a nice snow cream slushy. Which when you eat it will melt in your mouth with a texture that is so much like regular ice cream it will truly surprise you šŸ™‚ If possible only use fresh fluffy snow, if your snow has more pellet or more icy, it will give you those harder icy bits in your Snow Cream and it will affect the mouth feel

But don’t just stop here.. Try Chocolate Snow Cream. Melt some hot Chocolate mix into your Condensed Milk and then cool it back down and make Chocolate Snow Cream.

Try it with Lemon, Orange, peppermint flavourings..



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4 Responses to Snow Cream Recipe

  1. Milk “Slushies” ; )

  2. Our family has been enjoying Snow Icecream here in the Rockies of Colorado for many decades. It was my favorite part of winter when I was a kid! We make it a bit differently though, with milk, vanilla, and sugar – which I think is pretty much the same thing when it comes down to it. šŸ™‚

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