Monday, Monday! This and That Post!

Good Morning, Happy Monday

I can not truly express how awesome it feels to wake up just at 5 am this morning and be awake.. to get up and let out the dogs and let out and in different purrpots, feed the fish and boil the kettle for a hot cuppa.

I will wait for the sun to rise before the morning chores, the sun will be coming up soon and I will pull all the curtains to let the sunlight pour in to help clean the air and rooms.  Just like on the warmest spot of the day on Saturday, I opened the doors and let the air move though the house.. Changing out that warm house air for that cold crisp outside air..  just as important as letting as much sunlight into the rooms as possible.

Well, both hubby and I have been sick with the flu.. Nasty Flu and we are still tiring easily and often.. We tag team chores and then look at each other and go.. NAP?  It’s amazing how much this one took out of us.. Thankfully with us both home full-time on the farm mostly, hubby had booked time off to fly out to Alberta for his mom’s 75th Birthday Party.

Sadly he was too sick to fly and so we have joked that its was an unplanned Mini Break on the farm but really its just a very good thing as it took both of us in slow short bouts to get all the chores done and there were a few days that is just what got done.. the chores and nothing else.  We were able to put the flight ticket into credit so it will be there waiting for him to use when he goes out at a different time to visit his mom.


We were hauling half buckets of water (o to have been the time of year for hoses) because full ones where to heavy.. strange the things you take for granted to be able to do, until you can’t!

I have been watching the ewe’s carefully as some of them are starting to show signs of bag development, no one appears due “right now” but bellies are getting bigger, bags are starting and looking me in the eye has started.. while my young girls don’t know yet, my older girls start doing eye to eye and face to face checking in with me.

Areo is one year old! She is such a nice little ewe, I can’t wait to see if she sheds out her wool undercoat in full or if she needs to a touch of help with her shearing. She is my first keep back “king” daughter from the 2018 breeding season.

While I am not unhappy with their weights, I am not happy either..  They are eating well, the hay is good, the feed is good and they are drinking lots, it’s the cold..  It’s just been brutally cold for days at time.  and then it rapidly warms up for a day and then it happens again, and again and again..

Each time the herd makes it thought that kind of deep cold.. it wears on them just a little bit, and at this stage in their pregnancies they need that little bit to go into their lambs and their own health.  I am a touch worried that I will have lower birth rates and or weaker lambs. I truly hope I am wrong.. Only time will give me my answers.

The farm hard ice over deepish snow.. Take a look at this photo I took of the girls playing.. that sheet of ice is my driveway.. nothing but Ice, Ice Baby.

I am looking forward to hearing back from my prize winners ideally next week.. both winners were from the far west coast and will fully admit that it took a bit longer then I liked to get the packages to the post office.. but they are mailed off now.. the big winner’s box has its tracking number and I hope they believed me when I said.. NO freezing please

The smaller winner, was mailed in a bubble wrap package.. so I am crossing my fingers that the prize arrives in good shape!

So I have been wearing my fit bit, I am not sure the information is normal considering how sick we have been but it’s certainly been interesting so far.. I had to laugh at hubby because after watch the data mining from mine.. he has decided that he would like one for his birthday Present.   I am hoping to get it on the Valentine Sale price to save a little bit on cost.

Speaking of spending.. Hubby asked me if I wanted to head off the farm for a bit on sunday and I said sure, we could get out, get some fresh air and I could see if there was any jeans for sale at Pennington’s

I am in the strange spot where the major amount of winter cloths are just a touch to big, jeans that fall off without a tightened belt and the shirts/sweaters hang heavy, but the on sale items I had gotten are just a tiny touch to small yet.. they fit but they are not the most flexable yet if you get my drift.. just another five or ten pounds off and they will fit so much better.

So I was after some outfits that were in size between the two.. I got two pair of pants in the middle size but we went to town on the sale racks in the now and one size down. It felt strange to buy new cloths to a point as I almost always try and get mine from the second hand shop.. but in many cases these were very close to the same price.. well other then the workout sports bra/cross tops!

So first out, I am so excited, I picked up 5! workout bra/crop tops in funky colors.. this is outstanding as I can wear them in the heat while I am working outside.. they are designed to be cooling, they are designed to deal with sweat and they are comfortable! I have never really looked at their active workout line before.

I also got

  • Light active spring/fall jacket (hubby found it and picked it out, its cute)
  • A new pair of knee high boots, love them! (they were the WOW pick of the day)
  • 2 pairs of PJ’s Sets for 7.50 a set (that is a crazy good price)
  • 5 sports tops
  • 3 shirts
  • 2 pairs of jeans
  • 2 pairs of clearance warm winter slippers with hard soles
  • 1 pair of shorts with lots of pockets
  • 1 pair of knee length shorts with lots of pockets
  • 3 pairs of panties (it was a sale.. buy three save X)

I feel like it was my own pretty women moment lol..  It was way to much fun to be honest and I just love what I got! Now its time to go though the drawers, pick out what does not fit, wash it and donate it to the second hand shop so that it can find a new home. They are not worn out and its harder to find the bigger sizes, so I don’t want to make crafts or cut them up for other uses unless I have to.. I think most will find a new home easily enough.

Well, that gets you caught up on the past while..  Have a great Monday Folks!




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  1. Glad you and hubby are recovering. Good work on the clothing haul!

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