Dogwood 52 Photo Week 6

Dogwood 52 Photography Week 6 -Raw Photo

What a week, I did finally pick up the camera a touch over the weekend but for the first time since the start of the new year. I did not take photo’s every single day.. It got set down for five days..

The Flu did a major number on the whole house and we are still honestly recovering.. So to say that I was grateful to have this photo in the que is a massive understatement.

The challenge for Week 6 was to take a “raw” photo.. everything had to be done in the placement/taking of the photo with nothing done in camera and nothing on the back end in the photo programs. I had snapped this cute little Nose photo of Miss Paris aka the moppet in week 4.

I have to admit that I felt a great deal of relief to know that I had it.. it took all pressure off for me to crawl out of a sick bed.. O lets own it.. I was never going to crawl off the couch LOL and I really didn’t want to have to write another post of.. Ah.. Not done yet 🙂

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2 Responses to Dogwood 52 Photo Week 6

  1. Silveryew says:

    We’ve been hit hard over here as well, quite a few people we know have had it and have taken a while to recover. Hope you feel more like yourself soon!

  2. Pamela Marston says:

    Like you I love Photography and these are great shots!! I always wondered if I should add a photo journal on my site, but still learning how to do all the technology stuff on site!
    Thanks for sharing!

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