The self Reliance Bloggers Mega Givaway -USA

Self Reliance Bloggers Mega Giveaway! -USA

I joined forces with some amazing bloggers for the month of January to share our experience and adventures in self reliance. We are trying new projects, working on self reliance at home, stretching our skills, and sharing it all with our readers. Did I mention that we are having a LOT of fun doing it?

Not to mention that we are hosting a Mega Giveaway of awesome prizes that will all go to one lucky winner! We’ll pay shipping and sales tax, all you have to do is enter for a chance to win! How cool is that?!

I’m really enjoying getting to know all of the wonderful bloggers taking part in the challenge and the giveaway…I hope you stop by and check out their blogs.

Hello to all my USA readers, please head over to Lisa’s Blog for all the details.. and then get busy entering..!! A huge shout out to Lisa for all her hard work and for all the outstanding bloggers that gave or supported the prizes!

Now, About That Giveaway…

We got together to sponsor a whole bunch of great prizes! There are a ton of ways to enter for chances to win, too. The more entries you complete, the greater your odds of winning.

The first two entry options are things you can do every day to earn entry points…and it’s completely free! You don’t have to buy anything to enter, and purchasing a product throught one of our affiliate links will not increase your odds of winning. Simple right?

Giveaway begins at 6am CST on January 14th and ends at 6pm CST on January 26th, 2019.

Total value of prize package is $199.31….that’s almost $200 worth of self reliance goodies that will go to one lucky person!

Coming soon.. I will have the Canadian giveaway up today..  so that’s on the same timing, I was picking up presents as late as last night and still need to get nice daylight photos 🙂

For our Canadian Readers, please visit Farm Gal over at Just Another Day on the Farm for her giveaway for Canadian citizens! As soon as her giveaway is live, I’ll update this post with a link so you can enter easily. (I apologize to my Canadian readers for leaving you out of this giveaway, but your laws are quite a bit different than ours in the USA and it isn’t feasible for us to open our giveaway to Canadian citizens.)




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