In Memory of Maeve

As crazy as it seems to me, my daughter would be turning 16 today.. 16 years old, and my son Nat would have been ten, the years are flying by.

I am blessed with a husband who’s love and kindness humbles me daily.. and I have many things I am grateful for..

Normally I post a photo of a angel or picture that moves me, and I have tried over the years to have them mature and grow with her, sometimes she is angel and sometimes she is a fairy.

This year though I am changing it up.. I am going to post photo’s of her and a few of us together..  she was so tiny and such a tough little girl, she held on as long as she could.

So today, lift a glass – it would have been your- Sweet Sixteen Maeve Arlene Sharp





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20 Responses to In Memory of Maeve

  1. Lake Lili says:

    Oh My Dear Friend,
    My heart continues to keep a quiet place where the memories of Maeve and Nat are kept with love. And I look forward to the here after where your eternal family shall be joined again together.
    Blessed be.

  2. Telsing says:

    Happy birthday Maeve. Thank you for sharing these precious memories.

  3. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Happy birthday Maeve; dear sweet little girl.
    Lili said it so well, I can but repeat…

  4. Karen says:


  5. MaryQuiContrary says:

    Just sending some virtual hugs and prayers to you and your hubby today…….funny how memories can be both precious and painful all at the same time, isn’t it?

  6. Kathleen says:

    I find I have not words, as I cannot imagine how you feel or have felt over the years. Bless you for sharing.

    • Hi Kathleen, Its never easy and sometimes I struggle, when folks ask are you a parent, and the answer is yes to both a son and daughter and then when you need to say they passed.. its hard but I decided that it felt wrong to not say I had them and I am a parent.. So I thank you for your comment and its just fine not to be sure what to say.. Blessing to you as well

  7. judy says:

    Keeping you & your angel in our hearts! HUGS!

  8. Mavis hickford says:

    My sweet Maeve, safe in mommy’s arms, daddy’s hands close by and love flowing everywhere. I think of you often my sweet granddaughter. Love Oma

    • I read the letter you wrote to her for her keepsake box.. o mom, It made me cry but I was so happy as well to read all the things you had wished you could do and teach her, as I have seen you do those very things with your other granddaughters.. I read my letter from grandma and looked at her little knitted outfit she made for her.. glad I have these little things.. Wish I had the same for Nat.

  9. Happy sweet 16 to your little Maeve up in heaven.

  10. loridorchak says:

    My prayers are with you from one mom to another who has lost a little one. My Joshua would have been 12 next month.

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