Visiting with Deb

Deb found my blog in its first year, an she became a regular commentor, she lives a number of hours away, after a good while just being in touch though the blog, we decided to meet. the first time we meet we drove with vehicles loaded with plants

I got to meet hubby and it was a lovely lunch, and we started keeping the odd phone call as well as still writing on the blog,. Now a few more years have passed and we try an get together once to twice a year, half the time we double date and have couple dinner an visits and then sometimes us ladies breakfast or even better spend the day.

so we made plans to meet at our regular breakfast spot denny’s, and deb treated so I was not buying for no buy feb which was sweet but clearly I do not get to the city much as it was closed, gone.. as I sat waiting I snapped this great photo.. its the tree right by denny’s parking lot in the mall and yet, that photo is classic and timeless an placeless.. beautiful!


Yesterday was a wonderful long girl only visit.. and we needed a new place, cora was tracked down and turned out to be a great place to spend a number of hours visitingP1050722

It was a lovely day, and it lifted my mood in so many ways, while my farm and critters are a great comfort, it was a good way to keep me busy, and there was a few tears, much laughter and hugs.


I added a new piece of pottery handmade by deb to my collection of her work, its made by imprinting with a burdock leaf..  its quite a large platter love the color of it and the detail 🙂 An today we are dealing with and starting clean up on the freezing rain that is covering the farm


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6 Responses to Visiting with Deb

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Thank you! It was a lovely day out, for me as well, and I love how much fun we have together!: ) And I’m doubly glad we were almost saying goodbyes before spotting that massive sun dog, late in the afternoon. A second warning came immediately upon arrival home: as I could hear the bell on the east wall of the garden shed, calling for weather, as I unlatched the gate. It was hovering around 0* C, and anything could happen…
    Well, chunky little pieces of 3D, TonkaToy snow-sleet started noisily shortly after midnight; then, overnight the temperature rose and rain took over; but, if it ever froze, it’s long gone now…
    Over twelve hours later, I’m wondering if I’ll break my neck if I even attempt to go clean up the almost fully exposed doggy-bombs, or if I should wait for them to revert to sh–cicles and simply chisel them out, instead?
    Umm… Yeah, I think I’ll wait; )

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    And, about your Butterscotch Burdock Leaf Platter? She already looks so rich; there in the light of your kitchen, that I can barely wait to see what sort of wonderful FarmGal Specials you lay upon her face: )
    Not too much clean up for you there after last night, I hope?

  3. judy says:

    A friend “hug” is the BEST!! We ALL need those every once in a while with a huge dash of laughs! Love the pic!
    Deb, you platter is outstanding, beautiful colour & deisgn. Very creative! Sure like your necklace!
    Hope you didn’t have toooo much clean up!

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