Investing in the Farm -Feb Item One-Bakers Couche


My Flax proofing cloth has arrived, its huge, way bigger then I needed and going to give me a run for my money, I think I am going to need to use my big wooden cutting board to proof on.  It arrived in the mail and I started making bread right away..

this cloth is a higher priced item and then some.. this single sheet of flax linen regular is right around 75 Canadian plus shipping from France for the grade and quality I wanted.. I got it on sale for 35 plus shipping..

I got one that was made of 100% natural flax linen, untreated, unbleached.

  • Imported from France directly by BrotformDotCom.
  • Heavy weight, professional grade fiber.
  • 26 x 35 Inches, plenty of surface to work multiple loaves.
  • Finished seam on both sides so it will not fray over time.

I would have cringed more at this if I did not make bread so very often, I was struggling with me softer (higher moisture content) breads in regards to proofing and them sticking.  You can only deal with issues for so many years before you finally look for what the answer is..

In this case, the answer is a very heavy amazing piece of flax cloth 🙂


I cracked out my huge wooden cutting boards, I get them from Ikea and they are very reasonable in price, I recommend one for veggies and one for meat.. they hold a huge amount of prep food and they clean up with salt like a dream, they have a ring around them, so the drips or juice run into it first and not over the side, I love that about them.

The above photo was taken just after cutting an shaping a very soft and wet type dough, and I can see that its going to take practise to learn how to mold it, I did two long ones and two short sub ones, With just enough left over to be used for a nice pizza dough for supper tonight but that is different post and for a different reason.

The finished Bread is at the top of the post, its a lightly sweet honey bread.. I can see that this proofing linen will be used for many years to come.

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6 Responses to Investing in the Farm -Feb Item One-Bakers Couche

  1. judy says:

    Wow…..your bread looks outstanding! NOTHING smells better than warm yummy homemade bread!!!!!
    Was there a special order number or anything for your cloth?? Like you bake bread all the time.

  2. dreamfarming says:

    Your bread looks great. The price seems high. The price on US amazon is only 17.95. Is that just do to the exchange rate? I didn’t think the difference was that much.

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