Nut Seminar.. Boy, O boy did I learn about black walnut.

Its been a week of little things just rubbing the wrong way.. you know those kind of weeks so when Friday came around, I have a bit of awesome down time with a girlfriend of mine and it was so relaxing, my cow is acting like she has 3/4th of the right signs that she is gearing up for labour but she is lacking that last push at this time.. to say that clear thinking is happening in view of my possible impending calving would be fair

Somehow I didn’t make my list and check it twice and that meant that I forgot things and then had to own it and now I need to fix it for a few folks.. I have the list now and I will get it done and throw in something extra to say. so sorry and just let that part go..

So needless to say, I was excited to in fact get to go to the this tree seminar event, a huge thankful for farmer T for keeping eye on my farm for me so that I could leave.

We found out that while the event itself is in Ottawa, its really in the country and its a pretty drive, so we were just laughing and teasing, enjoying the fine weather, I had dropped off a rhubarb, picked up 2.2 pds of Giant sunflower seeds and got a awesome bonus of some extra beet seeds (I can always use those) and a naturilze 1st gen of a sweet baby, so excited to see if  they will grow..

The seminar was much different from what either myself or Dh expected, I think we were expecting more lecture, less hands on, free flowing.. but we still filled two pages with information and came home with a lovely bag of sprouted red oak (I will do a post on those on their own) and meet a very nice lady who had come down to the event and had just moved from Winnipeg,  Lovely lady, gave her the blog site, hope she will be a regular reader and will find the time to comment, so much in common in some ways.

Got some great idea’s of what to grow for oaks for fodder for the pigs, got some amazing information on what we locally have in our own forests just out our back door, and its a lot more then I think Dh and I expected.

Then came the cracking and tasting, now there were easily well over a dozen flock that eat from the same walnut as I did, including DH, as I know the forage rules, take a little bit and then wait and see. I took maybe a 1/8th of a half piece and in it went, and yuk! it tasted rancid with a truly aweful vile get it out of my mouth, this is not food taste, I in fact spit it out and went and rinsed my mouth out with water.. everyone else, though it was yum.. Dh said it was walnut but stronger in taste.. I did not taste walnut at all, (side note, I eat nuts, including walnuts on a regular base)

By all that is holy above and that below.. did I have a reaction.. first my tongue went thick and itchy, then the roof of my mouth, then moved to thick puffy itchy lips, then down into the throat, then up into the sinus and behind my eyes, my eyes went bloodshot and itchy..

This was over a course of around half an hour from start to end, we left early, no need to ruin others good time plus I only had tongue and palate when I left.. needless to say, I needed meds, I was to drive home and that so didn’t work, DH ended up driving me while I groaned in the seat next to him, trying to keep from taking something and scratching my mouth, I had a memory of my momma tying mittens to our hands when we have the measles so that we could not scratch them to make scars.

Needless to say it was a full three hours before I remotely felt even a little better and the more I learned about reactions the more I sighed, as I had moved right past the hives and right on to the more harder to miss listings..  and I found out that often it can react again at the eight hour mark and take upwards of three days to work out of your whole system.

Needless to say, it was a long night of checking and confirming that all was well, woke up this morning, tired, sore and with a very little scratchy feeling in the my throat, and red gritty itch eyes(but at least they are not blood shot) and I am grumpy but o so happy to be here feeling much better!

None the less, NO BLACK WALNUTS or tree’s are coming anywhere near my farm, and I am taking no chances, I am ruling out the related beechnuts as well and I will need to consider taking a new allergy test and see if I am now going to have problems with the nuts I have been eating with no issues for years..

It was a eye opening moment to see myself react so strongly to something like that.. it was also interesting that my body told me from the second that thing hit my tongue, that it was wrong!

Everyone had a great sunday ..  its a great day out there and I have farm helpers coming and lots and lots to get done.. so watch for a second post coming later today with tons of photos 🙂

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12 Responses to Nut Seminar.. Boy, O boy did I learn about black walnut.

  1. calliek says:

    Wow, never heard of anyone reacting like that to black walnut but good for you for being sensible and limiting your exposure for your first time.

    • given that I have eaten regular walnuts, almonds, pinenuts and hazelnuts for year with no issues, I am the first to admit total surprise at the reaction as well but It is what it is.. there is no mistake when it happened.

  2. Marie says:

    Ah! That’s scary! Good idea on no nuts on the farm. Better keep a bottle of Benadryl nearby too. With straws. You could sip it like a cocktail if you need to. Take care, hope you feel better soon!

    • I don’t plan on going no nuts at this time, I do eat nuts and often, and I do have fiburt (hazelnut trees) and I plan to keep them, and I would like to try again with acorns, but that is more of fodder food for the pigs, as they can keep and be feed out over time as a high quality protein source to match up with squashes etc I hear you on the meds though!

  3. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Good Greif! So, you did say something about testing, yes? And, depending on your results of course, an “ana kit” or “epi pen” AND a Medic Alert bracelet/necklace… But, what if it was something like mold (you did say that it tasted rancid, right?) and not the actual nut that caused the problem? I know that a lot of people with “peanut allergies” are actually reacting to the mold/fungus present from the peanut shells. You’ve never had any trouble before, so just a thought. Either way, *phew*, glad it’s passing!

    • hi deb, I hear you dh said the same thing, was it the nut or what was on the nuts because afterwards I heard the man say, those ones are ten years old, and while my past allergy tests have shown no issues with nuts, I am confirmed to a number of molds and have been for years.

  4. grammomsblog says:

    My youngest son has an anaphylactic allergy to wasps…… it came on swift, sudden, and with a vengeance when he was stung twice when he was 5 years old. We learned that sometimes when a person is severely allergic, they will initially have a reaction like yours but the next one is full blown anaphylaxis.
    Be careful with all nuts, as I know you will.

  5. jj says:

    Wow, that’d be terrifying! I would have gone straight to the emergency room if it had been me…Yikes!

  6. Cate says:

    Wonderful meeting you on Sat. at the nut workshop. So sorry about your reaction to the black walnuts. There was also another nut being tasted at the same table … beechnut maybe? You may want to be careful of that one too. Looking forward to keeping in touch.

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