Hoarfrost Delight’s Photography

It was to be a sleep in sunday that just didn’t happen and I am so glad or I would have missed the Hoarfrost Delight and we all would have missed this photography post!

I headed out onto the gardens, looking for interesting textures, colors, shapes and movement.. While I did crop some of these images, the color changes are due to either close up, background hues or changing light as the hour went by.. NONE of these photos have been “touched up”  They were shot free hand, no tripod.. but lots of hold your breath moves.

O it was a hour well spent!

This is a very tip of a new growth willow branch covered in Hoarfrost crystals.. it was without a doubt one of the hardest to get..

This was on our biggest spruce, I got this series of the two tips,  I could not decide which one to share so you get both!

This one is very Christmas like and I do have a few versions of it that I will no doubt share around the holiday’s.. This one is my favorite!  Hawthorn berries delight the senses!

These double curled beauties are elderberry leaves clinging yet to their branches, I took a number of the leaves because I liked their colors, it was not until I really looked at them in the computer that I found this set of dancing partners!

This is a blackberry cane leaf on a downward hanging branch that had tipped down to try and root out in the spring..

Leftover dried cores of the aster flowers… edge dipped in those amazing tiny ice crystals

I loved the sweeping arc of this seed head but It was getting warmer and its even heavier clouds making the light in this spot very hard to get to work with the angles needed.

There is one more, while all these were done in extreme closeup’s, I looked up as I walked back down the laneway and up popped my Caleb over the heavily frosted plants with just the touch of morning hues in the sky behind him.

O if only that one plant was not rising up into his face.. its perfectly imperfect 🙂

I hope you have enjoyed seeing how I spent a hour of sunday! Which one is your favorite?

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6 Responses to Hoarfrost Delight’s Photography

  1. Cricket says:

    These are all really beautiful. I enjoy focusing close in on things like seed heads and leaves as well. The slightest breeze adds to the challenge. Love that “perfectly imperfect” photo of Caleb. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Cricket, Its fun to look at the world in different ways, I love close ups, o yes, the slightest breeze or farm dog running by lol, I had to put the girls into downs on a few shots.. silly pups. Glad you liked the photo of Caleb.. me too. I kept waiting for Bojangles to pop his head up but he was over in a different spot and could not get the shot or a version of it on him.. We take what we can get 🙂 when its all free flowing.

  2. Widdershins says:

    A Caleb photobomb! 😀 … they are all spectacular! 😀

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