How to make your own Bird Feeder Suet Cakes!

How to make your own Bird Feeder Suet Cakes could not be easier

It take a few minutes from start to finish and its a great little project to do the little people in your life and will give lots of bird viewing pleasure in return!

You will need

  • Bird Seed
  • Lard

Now what you use to make it in depends on a few things, you could use the bottom of a milk jug or you could use yogurt tubs. I use a loaf pan, I have found it the easiest to make them in a block and then cut them into slices that go out. I have with or without tinfoil.

If you use the tinfoil, you can just lift the whole cake out and then peel back and cut and go, then wrap it back up for storage in the foil until all used up.

Or you can make it without the tinfoil and just dip your loaf pan or tray into warm water to melt the edges just a touch and then flip it out to be cut and stored in a re-useable tray with lid.

I make my batches with four cups of mixed bird seed to two cups of lard. In my own case I use home rendered lard. Please do not use leaf lard for something like this, that really should be saved for pastry or cooking use.

Use the lard or tallow from back area, If you are against using lard or tallow, you can make this with coconut oil. I have not found that the Blue Jays or the Wood Pecker’s like the coconut oil as much as they like home-grown rendered lard.

However in the bitter cold of Canada northern winter, that added fat to the birds diets can mean the difference between making it till spring or not.

If you prefer to not use any fat in your bird seed feeding, may I highly recommend that during the very cold parts, that you increase the percent of Boss (Black  Oil Sunflower Seeds) in the mix you feed.


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4 Responses to How to make your own Bird Feeder Suet Cakes!

  1. Marla says:

    Hi Valeria,
    We have a bird feeder right outside our window with peanut suet on both sides. I love that you made your own – we had bought ours in bulk. I love watching the birds eating. They are such a wonder of nature!

  2. Silveryew says:

    It’s a great idea and so easy to do! At the college for students with learning disabilities where I used to work, this was one of the activities the tutors would do with their students. They loved making them and even more so to sit and watch what birds came to eat from them ❤

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