Permaculture Hedge Row Garden Overview 2018

Spring build this year 2018..  the link in blue will take you to the blog post that is talking about putting this bed together. The video above is once it was fully planted out with the pre-started plants.

This one is eight weeks later after the first video above, you can see the crazy growth on this bed. We were already starting to get peppers, fresh eating ground cherries and squash, along with cut and drop comfrey.

This video is the fall one, it is pretty close to another eight weeks to the day to the mid-summer one, the bed is overflowing, the yields have been very good. We were under warning of a hard frost on the weekend but it did not happen.  Forgive my moment of not being able to think of powdery mildew LOL just laugh with me..

We only watered this bed twice in the whole year, we had drought, high heat, crazy high winds, early frosts and it just keeps on trucking and producing. What do you guys think of it so far?


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7 Responses to Permaculture Hedge Row Garden Overview 2018

  1. Sandy ONeill says:

    Great job. I would be proud.

  2. Just totally AMAZING, FG! Gonna study your technique and put it into practice here. Thanks so much for your thorough documentation: )

  3. Widdershins says:

    It’s magnificent! Bravo. 😀

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