Future planning-Yard Redo!

Well, we have had the farm for 14 years this spring and we have loved our big old willow tree’s (two of them) our huge very old crab apple and our very large maple tree. The willows are around 80 plus years old and the others are not that far behind.

They were old Grandfather tree’s but they have been warning us for a couple years now that they were at the edge and end of their natural life.. We have had a couple bigger limbs come down in the ice storms, the spring bad storms and then just this week.. we had a short but hard storm hit the farm..

Down came a huge limb and it damaged our power lines and so forth..  So we had to act quickly and get the work done so that we could get our power back on the farm.  It used to be that you could not see our home though the wall of green in levels along the house, you had to drive past the green wall to see the house..

Not anymore.. We had to take down the front small tree layer, the big tree’s and we have lost pretty much all our shade on the whole front of the house and deck..  lots and lots of clean up to do yet.. this photo was taken at the end of day one.. Massive difference and then some.

The stumps got cut down as well as the maple on the side on day two. I am sad that we had such a loss but I am excited about planning the new yard. I will look forward to sharing the planning and the work as it all comes together.

This is the new view from our kitchen window and boy is the kitchen so much brighter 🙂

I will get more photos later. but its safe to say that our whole front yard is going to be changing to a large point.  Now I could have taken less to be honest. Some things had to come down.. other things I said take down for a reason.

Honestly I said take them down to the effects I am seeing in regards to climate change.  We are having so many more storms.. hard fast brutal winds, Ice storms and crazy hard rain storms and so forth.  I believe that when we are done, we will have removed all the “storm danger” to the house trees.

The replanning and replanting will take these types of storms into effect.. including run off for heavy rains, wind breaks for the high wind storms, Shade factors and so much more.  Its both sad to see everything changing but exciting to plan and then work the plan for the coming future.

I am also so glad that we worked on planting out the front over the years because that is now my view and once its cleaned up.. its quite a nice one really 🙂 Spruce, and apple tree’s, hawthorn and a lovely smoke bush and so much more.

Still its a shock each time I look outside right now!


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3 Responses to Future planning-Yard Redo!

  1. Hey, I can see the bean teepee!: )

  2. Widdershins says:

    It’s sad to see the trees go, but we have to respond to the world we live in, not what we wish it to be, eh? … With all that lovely timber you could build some long shady arbours and grow all sorts of vine-y plants over them. 🙂

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