Farrier and Vet Care

LOL, hubby made me make a shaming Meme for our big boy Caleb.. the reason is seen in the meme.  Our horse’s are for sure big old horse puppy dogs in many ways.. those two geldings are best buds. I am so happy to have them enjoy each others company as much as they do. Just as grateful that you can pull them apart and work them as their own horse.

Weds morning was the regular farrier visit, he is a great guy and really works with each horse for what is best for them. It never fails to amaze me that my boys both get such different hoof shaping.  They have very different hoofs, Calebs are mainly white and he has a good amount of flaring out on them and they are shaped to give him a certain angle that is best for his conformation. Bojangles on the other hand has dark grey hoofs and he is prone to chipping on them. His hoofs dry out much faster then Calebs do and he has a much rounder hoof that is trimmed into a more compact shape.

Both boys passed their feet trims with flying colors and are good to go for another 8 weeks at this point in the year. Always a good thing.

However I needed to take Paris to the vet, we needed to get more flea and tick meds for both the farm cats and the hounds. We normally treat for fleas and such but not ticks.. however we got a notice with the amount of ticks that are carrying lime locally has exploded and I have been finding and removing ticks. Its just not worth the risk. I hate the meds that are required to treat this in the dogs and cats  However when the number of red dots that show positive tests are like a nice red swarm over your own area.

Well, I love them all to much not to get the meds for them. Its a bit costly to do so, I was glad to have much smaller numbers to buy for this year as it is the ticks that are the most concern this year, it means I have to run my control program longer as ticks are active at 4c so longer into the fall and earlier in the spring.  I will take the hounds in for blood work in the spring to make sure everyone is good before starting the meds again.

Are you having a bad tick year? Do you have lime in your area that you live in? We didn’t used to have lime carrying ticks locally like we do now.. but with the longer hotter summers we have had them move into our area and they are exploding in numbers!

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  1. Yeah. Global Climate Change. Isn’t it just friggin’ GRAND? Oh wait, that can’t be, must all be in our imaginations… Right?!
    In this area, the numbers for last year showed an exponential increase in tick bites reported but with a very low incidence of Lyme Disease…

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