Garden is doing well

I love when folks post photos of what they picked that day.. but I thought It would be nice to show the day’s harvest as it was being processed.

The little cherry tomato’s are fresh eating, the bowl of peppers was a mix of two kinds, I am very pleased with how well my pepper plants are doing this year so far. Lots of peppers being chopped and put into bags for the freezer for different uses. We are putting up around 8 to 12 cups of roma type sauce tomato’s into the freezer for sauce making every day or second day so far..ย  No point bring out the big sauce making pots until I have a stock pile or until later in the season when larger amount start coming in.

So far we have four different kinds of beans coming in, and each has its own flavour, one kind we are just eating fresh so far, one kind is for canning, one for freezing and I have been told that the other one is ideal for pickling. I will be trying it this week and see how it goes.

Last but not least, the smaller squash was eaten fresh in meal but the two bigger were grated and frozen for later baking in the year. I know that everyone loves their noodles now made out of fresh zucchini but I still love my grated for making loaves. I will grow some later in the season big for Fake Pineapple but I want lots of the smaller first ๐Ÿ™‚

Are you picking daily at this point ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope so.


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5 Responses to Garden is doing well

  1. Okay, you’ve done a nice, large grate on the Zucchini… So now what, just bag up and straight into the freezer? (Beautiful Zukes, by the way: )

    • yes, I bag them in four cup bags and right into freezer for double batch baking. they will hold up to six months, I double bag, smaller bags frozen into a extra large freezer bag

      • And that’s all you do, right? When I tried freezing shredded zucchini, all I ended up with was a bag of sloppy mush… ):

      • Yup, that is all I do, large grate size, freeze it solid laying down flat bag so they will stack afterward, thaw them on a plate in the fridge in case bag get pin prick hole in it and the liquid comes out.. Dump out so liquid drains off.. Dump the thawed soft zucchini into the bowl and mix and go. its soft but its not mush.. Granted I only use larger squash to do this with, never the young ones.

      • Ah, well that explains it. Probably not “old” enough…

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