Easy Fresh Tomato Garlic Pasta Topping

O yes, we have tomato’s starting to come in.. we have been getting fresh yummy cherry tomato’s for fresh eating or in salads, I had my first toasted Tomato Sandwich this week.

However yesterday we brought in enough Roma Tomato’s that I could make a super fast an easy Pasta Topping. It does not get easier then this folks.

Fresh Tomato Pasta Topping (it can’t be called a sauce per say)

  • 6 to 10 roma tomato’s
  • 1 peeled, diced white onion
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • Salt- Pepper to taste
  • 2 tbsp. of olive oil

In a good fry pan (or a large pot, you want a larger surface cooking area at med heat, add your oil, onion and garlic, cook till onion is clear and  soft, then carefully cook it just a touch more, you want some golden browning edges to start happening on the onion and garlic, then add your coarsely chopped Roma’s. I do not de-seed for this recipe, just top out the ends and go! Cook at med heat till it comes to a simmering boil( you want to see the bubbles) then drop your heat right to the simmer spot on your burner and let it cook for a mear 5 to 8 min depending on how big it is. you want to see the tomato’s start to wilt down and soften but still very much hold form.

So I cooked up following instructions on pasta, the key to this pasta is that you need to put a big old tbsp. of butter on the pasta after its been drained. Toss the butter in the pasta till melted and covered the Pasta lightly.

Serve up the pasta on your plate and then spoon that awesome tomato topping on to it, now you can add a bit of fresh herbs ( I used Basil) but I do not use cheese in this dish as what makes it pop is the fresh flavours of the tomato’s 🙂

You can serve it with garlic toast or a side salad but I will be honest, we eat it as was and hubby said.. DELIGHTFUL! Its hard to get praise from him LOL

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1 Response to Easy Fresh Tomato Garlic Pasta Topping

  1. Lol, now I KNOW this tastes delicious because (with the exception of the onion) these are the exact same ingredients as my bruschetta recipe – which we either grill under the broiler inside or do indirectly on the “cool side” of the BBQ… Yummy Val!!

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