Ice Storm 2018 Ontario Ottawa Area

Well, the ice storm arrived and we were without power for three days pretty much..

We got ICE!  It snapped power poles like they were toothpicks, it brought down tree’s and ripped roofs off and more.. We lost a number of tree’s in the pasture, part of the sheet metal on the big barns roof and a huge part of one of our big grandfather tree’s, that thankfully missed the deck and the old part of the house but if it had fallen different, it could have struck the house easily enough

The prep work for the farm worked very well and thanks to dear friends we got a helping hand on a few other things that were needed including being asked over to have a hot shower and to get a hand on getting our sump pump running again.. Grateful!

I was grateful for the warm feather quilts made by the Hutterites made by our friends that helped keep us warm and for the wool blankets gathered over the years from our local farm sales and second hand shops. The biggest issue we had was trying to dry out the outdoor gear between chores.. Thankfully we have extra’s to use as needed. Mom’s little dog enjoyed her time on the bed and on the couches with her blankets, she was not quite as pleased to be wearing a baby lambs coat for the worst of it, but she gets cold easy and it helped keep her body heat in.

As always the Ecozoom stove is outstanding.. four little tiny sticks an you can boil a gallon of water, cook a meal and with the Shuttle Chef, you can hot water on demand, I really must get another one, so that I can keep hot water for drinks, washing etc in one and a meal ready in the other. You would be hard pressed to do even a faction of it with a regular fire with 1/4th of a standard wood stove piece of wood.  the kindle cracker comes in very handy for this as well. I used pre-cut and pre-dried pine for the stove during the icestorm. That is the joy of the properly done kettle stoves.. little fuel for big payout!

Well, I had better get back to the farm, how was your weekend? I did learn of some gaps in my preps for ice storms and I will try and figure out what I want to change or add and update more once I settled on what!

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5 Responses to Ice Storm 2018 Ontario Ottawa Area

  1. Christine says:

    Yikes! We had an ice storm down here in 1994 and people still recall it (with lots of swearing). The damage it did to the pine tree population is still very notable in the ecosystem. I’m so glad you and yours are safe and well! Ice storms are serious business.

    • Hi Christine, I get that, both the damage and the fact that once you go though a bigger one, you do indeed remember it. I was pleased at how well it went for the farm despite the damage that was done, it could have been much worse.. Grateful that it was not worse.

  2. Widdershins says:

    Glad you, hubs and all the critters survived. What a mess, eh? 😀 … it’s scary watching the weight of the ice rip mature trees apart as though they were tissue paper.

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