Kindle Cracker Review

I had seen the Kindle Cracker on facebook and it certainly caught my eye but at the time it was not available in Canada.. It kept popping up and I thought.. that is interesting.

So I kept my eye on it and put it on a watch list and when it became available in Canada and equally important, that it came with free shipping, I decided that it was a good time to take it from the wish list to the bring it home and put it though its paces.

You set the log on the blade and give it a solid thump..

I was pleased with how sturdy it was (its one solid piece of Cast Iron) and I put a log or to though its paces and then I hauled it over to a friend’s house.. there it got the awesome workout I knew it would..

It will wedge in and now will hold the log in place for you

So this review is in fact a multi person review as it was tested by kids, teens, 20 somethings, older ladies and gents.


  • It does the job its built to do, it nicely splits the wood.. dry wood is really sweet.. green wood will split but not nearly as cleanly with the kindle cracker as it will with a Ax.
  • Its crazy well-built, this was a total 5 out of 5..
  • It’s safe to use, everyone loved that it didn’t send the wood flying out, that it was perfect to use for just learning kids, or for those who have bad aim, or for anyone more elderly that might be a touch more shaky etc.


  • Everyone wanted a bigger size to fit bigger logs (which is coming, they are making it now in the company)
  • The way a Ax fits on its handle, the handle helps take some of the pressure off the arms and shoulders of the person using it, and as they had picked a nice log to use as their hammer, there was comments made by a number of folks that they felt that it was harder on the push back. (I personally used a cut to fit 2 by 4 and felt that it worked great)
  • You had to do one more step.. as per the active fit and ax loving 20 something, I had to take the kindle out as it split, where it would just fall to the ground on its own the normal way..  he had a valid point.. but again for anyone that had a back issue.. the fact that it stays there at the height you set it at, means less bending.. (so 50-50 on this, could be a pro-could be a con?)

Overall review solid 4 out of 5..

This was my what happened next on my full swing and hit.. a very sweet pretty crack and split..

The reason it got a half point off for not being big enough, I heard this over and over again.. and it got the other half point off for the push back on arms when you hit a knot in the wood.

Now the second reason I got the Kindle Cracker is to match it with my Ecozoom Stove.. I often have small tree’s that grow on the farm and they are to small for fence posts, to big for the hugelbeds and yet they are not big enough really for heating purpose for the wood stove, but they are great for regular fire pit use. They are to big for the Ecozoom Stove..

The Kindle Cracker helps me take a single 12 to 16 inch log 4 to 6 inch in size and turning it into 8 pieces of kindling that are perfect for the ecozoom stove.  That is enough wood to easily cook a full meal on the stove..  and that is just awesome!

Farmer T’s Top Tip: When stacking wood, would pull out the right size logs for the kindle cracker and make its own much smaller stack to go with it screwed into a nice higher log for some extra height to the hitting height. That way, you can easily go out once a week and crack a weeks worth of kindle in no time flat.

Its worth noting.. I did not get anything from either company, I did not get a free product.. I paid for both, I have used both, my review is my own..

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6 Responses to Kindle Cracker Review

  1. Mick Hansen says:

    Excellent review on the Kindle Cracker. I am waiting for the new XL kindle cracker to become available as I too have heard it might be nice to have a bigger size. Do you attache your Kindle Cracker to something or simply use as is?

    • Hello Mick, I have done both, We have hauled it to camp site, I loaded it out to the other trail folks and they did it free standing but for when I wanted to do a larger amount of kindle pile for fire starting here on the farm, I put it on a stump and drove to big old spikes in the holes and felt that did the trick very well. I have to admit that when we were sorting a few loads of wood, we moved it right there and did checks as we split the pile.. don’t just eye ball, if in doubt, check it before adding it to the cracker pile.

  2. Mick Hansen says:

    Awesome. Thanks for the info.

  3. Nick says:

    Great writeup! We love our kindling cracker as well. After splitting and drying out wood we find the original size suits us perfectly!

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