Canning Pineapple “a year’s supply”

Canning Pineapple is a simple enough. trim off the ends, peel and core it and cut it into cubes, jar up in to a light syrup and process for 15 min in a water bath canner.

You can make it more work if you wanted to crush it or ring it but I just turn mine into Pineapple bits. I had bought 36 X-large Pineapples. One was made into Pineapple-strawberry jam

The rest was turned into pints an more pints of Pineapple.. this year’s pineapples yielded more then others have years past. While each pineapple is its own slightly in size, typically I was able to get 1.5 pint when all worked together. This years Pineapple are yielding 1.75 pints, so I was surprised but pleased to find that we ended up with 52 pints (would have been 53, but we eat a pint fresh).

The ones below were the one days worth and the rest were done the next day but you get the idea 🙂

So we have one pint of Pineapple per week for the coming year, Each Pint cost me 86 cents in cost, a good savings cash wise compared to the 10 oz dole canned pineapple at 1.50 to 1.67 at normal price locally (Used to be that you could find it for a dollar a can, but I have not seen it that low but for one time last year and it had a limit of four cans at that price)

So Math Wise, those extra 6 oz per jar over 52 jars adds up..  total of 832 oz put up, equal amount if I have bought the cans 520 oz.. which means that we have a extra 312 oz or what would be 31 extra cans of Pineapple.

Or in another way of looking at it, I would have needed to buy 83 cans worth of Dole Pineapple to have the same amount I have in my 52 jars… Good Deal indeed..

Do you can your own pineapple.. you can do it in water but it pulls all the flavour out of the fruit when I did it that way, might have been good if I had been able to use pineapple juice but that would have raised the costs a lot, we eat up our pineapple within the year its done so no need for me to do a heavier sugar content for longer term storage so I do a light syrup only on it.

I try and mix an match the really ripe with the just ripe so that each jar gets a good mix of both in them.

Ps, we now have enough rhubarb fruit and mixed Rhubarb fruit blends for 2 pints a week put up and now we have enough pineapple for one pint per week in use..

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5 Responses to Canning Pineapple “a year’s supply”

  1. Like the idea of mixing the ripe/less so to balance out acidity. That would also help with the “keep-ability”, wouldn’t you think? Normally doing something like this I’d probably mix them all together for balance; but just the sheer numbers of fruit you’re doing here is Mind-Boggling!!

  2. bluestempond says:

    Hold on…don’t you live in Canada? Surely you don’t grow pineapple!

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