Overload.. LOL

Spring has come in full steam.. and I am finding that I fall behind, it happens every year and its something that I wish I knew how to make not happen.. Is there a single farmer that feels in control in the spring?

If they or you do.. want to share your secret? I have 60% of my must do planting done, I have 20 to 25% of the rest started and ready to be planted out, I have a huge garden area prepped and ready to be planted.

I also have a huge amount of produce that needs to be processed already, this past week, I have been in a push to get the years supply of wild violets with flowers in the mix done and I might have another week before the flowers are done and I will only have greens.

I am pushing hugely on the spring nettles and they are growing upwards of what seems like half a foot to a foot daily at times.. all good things in its own way.

The strawberry beds had their first go round and are not slowly being pushed in the new round of weeds up that I have not gotten to yet, and in the one bed, mint as invaded.. I have decided to let it grow for a bit, then I will cut it to the ground, harvest it and process and repeat, rather then worry about pulling up strawberry plants roots until after the strawberry harvest, which appears to be heading towards a grand one.

Got the asparagus bed done for the spring and am pleased with the results.. next year will be our first full harvest year, they are already up and turning into ferns. Grow my pretties, Grow!

The yard is so high at the moment that I am grazing the goats on it, when the time is right, we will cut it, dry it and roll it for hay, the pasture is slowly growing but this past week between a light re-seeding in some spots, the dragging, warmer temps and now a few good soaking slow steady rains, it should just explode into growth.

We have cut down a area of tree’s, some fire wood, some to burn, some into future fence posts, we removed Norway maples and popular and a few spruce as well, that area will be replanted into two rows of food producing hedge rows and it will also open up the annual smaller garden space between them all.

My side yard towards the brown shed has a huge pile of throw away, its a combo of many things, working and building removal parts, its also got the bagged pulled and sun cooked wild parsnips, and its got extra things that are being removed in regards to the upstairs bedrooms and such for the reno work that will be done up there over the next few months before my mom comes for her visit this fall.

Its driving me crazy, it has to go! I have called and booked a big bin to come so that I can load it all up and have it hauled away. There is a part of me that knows that I should wait till fall when we have all our projects done but I just can’t do it.. I can’t stand the idea of that pile just being in my eye site for another four months. Better to get that area cleaned up and all that out before the heat of the summer. If I need to, I will bring another smaller bin in the fall.

Farmer R came for the big water bin and its fixing today (as we have water this spring) and so that is one more big thing out of my yard.

Hatch #2 is on day 16 or 17 and I have candled and removed the 2 eggs that were dead and hope that the rest will keep on going, Hatch #1 had moved out of the house and into the big coop and are doing very well so far. They are loving their bug hunting in the big outdoor pen, the fresh bits of hay to peak at and I swear they all snack on the goat poo when given a chance.

Must get to the rhubarb! Must get the to… well you get the idea..  I have faithfully written the amounts down in my book at least till a few days ago, I wore the battery out of my digital scale and because life is like that.. I also need a new battery in my big scale as well.

I will pick them up on the weekend, I am heading to the city for a visit with a dear friend and then we are hitting the big supply place and I will be coming home with a year supply of sugar, flour and a few other things..

Have a great day and a grand weekend!


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3 Responses to Overload.. LOL

  1. Widdershins says:

    ‘Grow my pretties, Grow!’ … so, I’m not the only one who says that to plants! 😀

  2. A Small Country Living says:

    J & D > You aim high … the arrow falls short. It’s natural. You’re still a wonder-woman! We admire you for what you achieve!

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