Eastern Painted Turtle

Coming over the road and up our driveway was a big beautiful lady, she was heading for our pond,  and was pouting as our cats were very interested in her. I expect that she has plans to lay in our pond (we have had baby turtles in our pond on other years)

We picked her up and after a few pictures, we carried her with care to the pond, set her down by the water an watched her head in, I will enjoy seeing this beauty sunbathing on the log we have placed for her. I have hope that I might be able to watch carefully enough to see where she lays her eggs and be able to mark the area and create a safe spot around it and then track when her wee ones are hatched.

She was grumpy when we first picked her up.. lol

Starting to relax now, I love how fast they seem to figure out that you don’t mean them harm, so pretty, love the pattern and colors. Let her have a dip to rinse out the grass by her head and to relax even more.

This one big turtle, a full-grown female, I wonder how old she is.. I also wonder if she could be bright eye’s mother?

So you can see the size difference between a Baby (approx. six month old Eastern Painted turtle vs the mature adult in the photo’s above.

I love that my land is healthy enough to support a native turtle population

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10 Responses to Eastern Painted Turtle

  1. Aww, I wish we had turtles wandering around over here!

  2. Widdershins says:

    Love that grumpy face. 😀

  3. bluestempond says:

    I’ve seen painted turtles, snapping turtles, and some unidentified type at our little pond. However, they are so shy that I very rarely can spot them. I wish they would sun themselves where I can admire them.

  4. Glad to see she’s back!: )

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