Early Spring Garden-Farm Gate Garden and Front Garden G

Well, the rain came and melted, the flood waters are here but in my own area not doing badly, I have a number of flooded fields around me but not on my own land. Granted my land is soaked at the moment. At least I can see the pretty start of a few of my rhubarb plants, many are still under snow cover.

The temps are all climbing over the weekend and next week, into the double digits, they say, we are going to be 21 on Monday..

The Farm gate garden got a clean up, a rake out, and a turning with a few things needing to be pulled out and then the hardest spring sugar pea’s went into the wet cold soil..  Tomorrow or Monday, a row of early sow (as soon as grown worked) Rutabaga will go in and then a second row on the outside of Early White Vienna Kohlrabi will go in

The Kohlrabi will be harvested and used by the time the Rutabaga’s need more room and on the edges I will be planting Margolds, that I have started inside.

This garden bed in 2015 had melon’s and pea’s in it two years, Last year it grew spring greens, green onions Salad Greens and Broad Beans, In the summer it grew Peppers, tomato’s and dry beans.

This year it will grow Sugar Pea’s, Turnips, Kohlarbi, Spring green onions, marigolds and Cucumbers (I will be starting the cucumbers and transplanting them out and growing them as climbers that will slowly replace the pea’s as they are taken out.

Garden G the covered area is my expanded and with much hope my Skirrt overwinter program, the plastic covered area is pre-warming the soil up and helping it dry out for lots of early spring green plantings and the back bell are covering Early Golden acre cabbage spring seeded out.

Its worth noting that my last frost date is not until May long weekend and for sweet potato’s and such, the soil will not be warm enough normally till first week of June..

Which is why there are raised beds (which melt and heat faster), Straw Covers, Plastic covers to increase heating and the bells to create mico zones.

Now to show what it really looks like yet.. here is my front house bed.. before I start cleaning it up 🙂 Grey, drying and yes that is bit of snow still on back end of the photo.

Mud o the mud.. I swear I did groom them.. sheesh! Mud pigs!  Roll, Roll, and become grey horses..

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  1. Widdershins says:

    Happy mud-horses! 😀

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