Overflowing the banks an rain on the way

They say we have a whole lotta rain coming our way in the next few days.. hmm These photo were all taken within walking distance of the farm.. but we still have a field or two that is not flooded out yet

Considering the fields are flooded now

The Creek is over flowing into the fields

And the big River is running very high already..

it could get interesting..

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6 Responses to Overflowing the banks an rain on the way

    • Thanks, that’s the plan.. the sump pump is going steady that’s for sure. Thankfully the big barn, the farm yard and the house are all built up.. this area has been a flood zone for a long time and the farm has been here over hundred years now

  1. J & D > Hopefully it comes and goes without doing any expensive and unhappy damage. A layer of fine silt on your ground wouldn’t do the fertility any harm, I guess?

  2. Widdershins says:

    I remember seeing floodwaters rising for the first time as a kid, and the sheer breathlessness of its unstoppable force … may you stay high and dry and the waters do what they’re supposed to – replenish the land. 🙂

    • thanks, the first year we got the farm, and the floods did the back fields and then the big 100 acres, I blinked hard and then it came up, up, up our big pasture and our little pasture and I called hubby at work I am sure ten times, wringing my hands and then I realizes why there was a three foot berm around the pasture and then the farm yard and at the back, why there is a massive ditch edging the other side. to date.. three times the waters have come that far.. but so far.. never over that.. so far this year, the back are flooded, and half the one hundred and here we sit.

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