Sunday- Photo- A gentleman and his lamb..

Today has been a busy Sunday, we have had new lambs in the barn, we have moved this and that.. milking and much more going on.. so I was grateful when we stopped and took a break to work on this photo idea I had. I am grateful that my DH was winning to work with me in getting this shot..  This Black and White Hunk of love it is Top Hat, our first born Lamb of the Year in 2017 out of Tess and Hairy and Fine Wee Ram Lamb he is.

Working with animals is always a interesting thing.. working with photos and then working in photo editing is as well.. I like this photo very much but they are so very different from each other 🙂

And this one makes me laugh.. Photo bombed  by not one horse but by both Caleb and Mr. Bojangles! I know that its backlit, but I love the softness in both of the horses.. not only to do they like Hubby but they very much like each other as well..

Last but not least.. Miss Sofie posed for a photo on the way into the house.. one quick snap and she was running for the door.. turns out that one was all  I needed 🙂

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