Working with your vet..

In my kitchen’s Dining Room, there are two of the biggest dog crates you have ever seen set up, each one has a cardboard box with a fat fluffy pillow covered with soft old worn flannel sheets from the church basement for easy cleaning on one side or end, with a wooden step up that hubby made and on the other end, is a kitty little pan.


Faith is in one set up, she will be one year old next month, she is a big and beautiful cat now, she was a stunning kitten and she is now a awesome house-farm cat.. she likes to go out every day but she comes running when called and she is pretty sure that the feather quilts on our king size bed are there just for her LOL

She came though her surgery with flying colors and she looks good, she is eating, drinking and using her litter box already.. while I will keep a eye on her, I expect the odds are very much in her favor that all is good..


The vet and staff just loved her..

In the other crate is a different matter, a middle aged, rangy freedom loving tom.. I laughed at the words shared with me..  he didn’t hiss at us this morning, but he is all hunkered down in the back with a look that says.. Don’t mess with me, and Don’t look at me.. I am not really here.


When I said to the staff, I am working on him but mark him down as a wild boy, I love the difference, I took Faith out in my arms, and they carried her in.. my boy, the gloves to my elbows, I got to hold him down in the big heavy crate and they gave him the sedate in the back leg, at least I didn’t get blood drawn this time, he has never bite me but man, he can use those claws and he knows the back legs are for damage.

He was given the full treatment, altered, Rabies Vaccine and he was also treated with meds to clear up any fleas, ticks, ear mites, mange and some worms. A bit of a overload to point on him but overall, he needed it done.

This morning, I got to be the lucky one that got to move him from his area to the crate.. he was such a good boy, he was cranky, vocal and scared but he was not mean.. and when he was moved into his crate, he had a drink, eat his wet food and is now snuggled into his bed and pillow.. I bet that warm bed feels just great for him.

He will stay in the house for a min of three days, and if he takes to his litter box well, I might see if he settles well enough that he can stay in for a full week of healing before going back out to the little barn.

Faith will get to come out for walk around and snuggles but will spend most of her day in her little area as well, no jumping, no playing or running or having games that might pull those stitches.  Its a short price to pay for her to heal nicely from her surgery.

Both of them were very excited that they are on soft wet cat food diets today 🙂

Now the reason this post is titled, working with your vet is because I was so surprised today when I went to pay my bill, my vet was kind enough to give me a discount on a few things on the bill as a thank you to me for giving my farm cats such good care.

It was unexpected but it was a touching thing for me..  Its a good thing to have a working relationship with your vets, and I have a few, there is the large animal vet, the small animal vet and the horse vet.

How many vets do you have for your homestead or farm? What critters do you do most of the vet care for, (example Fowl or Rabbit are almost always done by myself) the sheep and such are typically seen once a year just to keep the “working” relationship with me doing almost all regular work there as well.

But the horses get their vet care, the hounds and purr-pots are a mix, they get some things done by myself, and I am grateful that the vets work with me and are comfortable that I can do some of the basic’s and on other things.. its vet time..

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4 Responses to Working with your vet..

  1. Widdershins says:

    A good vet is like a good GP … priceless. 😀 … glad the kids are doing OK.

  2. bluestempond says:

    I just got to a second (large animal) vet for the first time this year. If we get barn cats next year, that will be a whole ‘nother experience.

    • I used to be able to buy most things over the counter but and do it myself, but then they changed they laws, but as my large animal vet says, you know more about the sheep-goats then in some cases he does, but he must “see them” yearly so that when I call the office for this or that, they are under his care.. I have only needed the large vet twice for vet, once for boat and then I was trained in that, we lost wo, saved the rest effected, and second time C-section, otherwise I call, explain, bring swaps or samples and then treat with their plan and follow up etc. I am glad that once you have a working relationship, you can be given more trust

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