Mr BoJangles -Care update..

When you get a new critter, big or small, routine care and finding base lines are important..


Since arriving on the farm, Bo has been wormed and he took it like a very good boy, excellent manners on this..


Both my boys got their feet trimmed up, Bo does have a small old injury but its healing very well and it will grow out on its own given time. you can see it on the left front foot, and yes, I know he is not standing square but there is nothing wrong with his front right LOL He very willingly gave his feet to my farrier but it was clear that he was a touch unsure about why he needed it for so long.. he was just the tiniest bit fussy on his first foot, settled right down and the other three were done perfectly..  We did a lighter trim on him for the first time and we will work towards getting his hooves to were we want them over the next two trims.. much better to do a smaller lighter trim and do them more often than to trim too much.

I got a good boy report on Bo from my farrier!


Then it was time to have the vet visit, I have to admit that I was both pleased and shocked to watch her be able to just go right into his mouth and check his teeth, jaw fit and such..  I wanted to know if he needed his teeth done and they look very good at the moment, his mouth is very good naturally so he has been given a no extra mouth work needed at the moment!

I paid to have a more in-depth physical done on him as I wanted to make sure that it’s just a Bo thing on how he rests his back leg or if there was in fact something that needs to be looked at.. so worth the money..  and he passed with flying colors..


No issues, and I was just told to keep up on his stretches and keep teaching him to do his bends and up his flexibility and of course he needs to lose 50 to 100 pounds approx. and get some muscle up as he is out of working shape 🙂

He got his vaccine updates for coverage for our local needs, I try to keep these as low as possible, he is not going to shows, he is not traveling longer distances so he is covered for basic farm needs and for local outbreak things..  the big two that I do believe that the horses need are rabies and tetanus

My vet liked him very much, and is so very pleased as how well Caleb and Bo get along as well, its like she said, it will be very different to have two healthy horses on the farm. and then she said.. enjoy him and hope not to see you for another year 🙂


I love that my vet wishes that for me and the horses and the farm..


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2 Responses to Mr BoJangles -Care update..

  1. Widdershins says:

    Last pic … is that a cheeky wink, or blissed out from chin skritches and cuddles? 😀

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