High Bush Cranberries 2016

This year was a bumper crop of high bush cranberries


The berry size this year was just amazing, the biggest I have ever seen..


While we did lose about half the crop by waiting till after a the first few frosts, the birds agree that these are juicy and much sweeter then normal and they were already getting into them..


Just like our local apples, grapes, these were effected by the dry, high heat and drought conditions for the summer, followed by a few weeks of rain.. it has clearly effected the flavour profile of this years harvest.. its good, in some ways its outstanding but its not the normal flavour or undertones for these bushes here on the farm

After steam juicing them, an then reducing the juice by half and making it into a syrup for storage, I put away 17 pints of highly flavoured juice (If I Was to use it would be at a 3 or 4 to one with water if you wanted to drink it) I have a few plans for this..


The skins and stones were put to dry


This was a very long dry to get it to the final stages I wanted.. crisp cracking dry


At this point, its ready to be ripped into small stripes and bagged for storage or ground into a powered to be used in different ways.


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2 Responses to High Bush Cranberries 2016

  1. Widdershins says:

    What so you use the dried pulp, and stones, for? 🙂

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