• Hounds go nuts with alert barking
    I rush to window to check, the fox is around these days
    Look out window.. see cats in low pose-frozen
    Rush to door, say, stay to the hound and call, kitty kitty
    As I go hurry up… black cat??
    there are five cats frozen looking at me.. four I know..
    The scared skinny four to five month old solid black short hair kitten, I do not.. it ran towards my building an is under in one of the farm cats winter straw bed area..
    Great.. just great.. now I need to lock up all the farm cats, and see if I can bait an live trap the wee thing and figure out, drop off, stray or true feral..

Dear Hubby, says, I think I saw this new kitty in the barn a day ago but thought it was boo cat but it was dark an it was in the sheep birthing pen..

  • Jason.. so I had a chat with our little stray
    Me: a Chat?
    Jason: ya, she followed me and so I sat on the straw bale and it came up to the stump (which is about three feet away) and I talked to it
    Me : ok, and you chatted?
    Jason: ya, meow, meow.. twirl Twirl, tail swish..
    Me: (thinking, so the kitty was flirting with my hubby LOL)
    Jason, so I think I can live trap it pretty easy and that its not feral.
    Me: ok, bait it with wet cat food..and when we catch it, we will move it to the kitty tower in the house for training and gentling
    Jason: out the door
    Jason back in the door in like 30 second..
    Hey Hon..
    Me ya
    Jason.. its a she, its a wee baby kitten and its in the house, it let me pick her up and carry her in and she is chowing down in the kitty tower..


    So meet Meow, Meow, a young (three to four month old) short hair all black little female.. if she is three pounds at max, she is hungry and thinner but she is not in bad shape overall.. Sadly, I am thinking she is a drop off.

    Well, after a check from me, no ear mites, good overall condition other then being on the thin side, its very clear that someone did love this kitten, she knows what a house is, she was clearly raised with other cats, dogs, used a litterbox, snuggles, purrs an kneeds on her people, she is used to being picked up and carried, she let me groom out the burrs in her tail an trim her nails..

    but from her weight loss, an from the first time hubby spotted her to me to catching her, was about five days, in which time she lost a good bit of weight.. she is safe now warm, with a full tummy and I will need to get her shots, worming an a spay.. if she is staying an not being rehomed.

    Shame on whoever dropped this sweet all black kitten off at the farm, you guessed right that we would do the right thing but so much could have gone wrong!

    Better photos to come


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2 Responses to Meeow-Meeow

  1. Hailey Johnstone says:

    Want us to take her ? If you don’t want to keep her ? It’s Joey on hailey iPad

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