Happy Birthday Blog!


Wow, Six Years today on the blog, time is flying by..  So first thing I need to say.. THANK you! for being here, for reading, for commenting, for sighing yup in a number of ways, by email, by rrs, by twitter or by facebook regardless of the way you get and read the blog..  its great to gave you here!

I have written an shared 2, 496 posts with you over the 6 years 🙂  I have share big things and little things, I have share daily chores and trips out, I have covered bigger social views and share deeply personal things over the years, lots of photos, lots of recipes an food

I hope that I have shown many things about the  farm, the garden, the critters, the cycles of nature and how it ties into the daily work on the homestead.

12 years on the farm, six years of sharing with you.. a unexpected journey but so worth it!

I lift my glass to the farm, the blog and my readership!

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4 Responses to Happy Birthday Blog!

  1. Cricket says:

    Wow! I must have started following the blog not long after you began it. I raise a glass to you Farmgal. I love reading what’s going on on the farm and your thinking and feelings about different aspects of that. Feel so lucky you put it out here for us all to read. I’ve recommended your blog to a number of friends and family because there is some valuable stuff you convey. Happy anniversary!

  2. Widdershins says:

    Happy 6th Blog-O-versary! 😀

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