Prayers if willing..

Hi Folks, Going to be a little quieter on the blog for just a touch, I am taking photos an will continue working on posts that will be coming up but Dear Hubbies Mom is currently in hospital an we are praying and hoping for the best, she is in good care and each day we know a little more medically info wise.. its one moment at a time right now..

if you pray, I would be grateful if you wanted to send a prayer for her health, thank you



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2 Responses to Prayers if willing..

  1. Penny O'Rielly says:

    Praying for your mother-in-law Val as well as for you and your husband. May The Lord lighten your worries and you find comfort in the work on the farm, loved ones around you and your purrpots!

  2. Take your time; we can wait and send what you need…

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