Brandy Fall Photos

Well, the day was cool, with winds gusting upward of 40 and later it would be more like 80.. Despite that, the early morning light was great for the photos.. p1090365

The good thing about this was I asked hubby to just keep taking photos and while I did get a few great classic photos, I also got a amazing mix of just happened ones..


So those are they two more classic, on to the fun ones..


She was smiling, (lift lip to show teeth) when I said, kiss..


She had me laughing thought it, because this was done at liberty (no lead, no halter, it was all about asking her..

Now on to the more.. connecting photos..



This one begged to be black an white..


And I have an outstanding evening sunset only my big girl one..


So pleased to have these amazing photos to share..


God Bless You, Sweet Girl.. Rest in Peace.. Gone But Never to be Forgotten..


Thank you for sharing my world with me for the last years, you have left your hoof prints all over my heart, life and pasture, you were Dh’s first ride.. you always looked after him, and now sweetheart there will be no more pain (for any that did not know, Brandy has a painful hoof disease progressing in both front feet that while we manged it, there was no cure) but there will also be no more greeting nickers, no more sweet horse smell when i bury my nose in your neck, no more kisses, hugs and a million other small daily interactions we have had over the years.. You will be missed..






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4 Responses to Brandy Fall Photos

  1. Marie says:

    Oh… all the hugs! ❤

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