Dry Skin in Fall.. A little help from the kitchen

The fall wind has been brutal.. cold, chapping and its been damp at time but not in a good way.. more of a its like I am living by the sea with a cold, hard damp wind..

Needless to say my skin has been taking a beating and I needed to step up my game and give it a much deeper drink of moisturizer.

So here is my quick and easy go to skin care recipe..

Are you ready???

Coconut oil and a few drops of EO..


So the trick is to start with the coconut oil in a solid state, I made enough to do my face, neck and hands for about a month.. I used 1/4th of a cup of my best coconut oil in solid state, I added in 3 drops of Pepperment EO and then you need your blender.

I am not sure you can do this by hand, but a hand turned blender or I guess if you really wanted you could blend and then whisk the heck out of it.. but I use my little hand held blender.. bet it till its about 1.5 to 2 times in volume..


That’s it.. beat till smooth, beat till fluffy, beat till it will hold tiny soft peaks, and then jar it up in a clean dry jar with a lid, store at room temp and a little of this goes a long way..

Now this is not a put it on and then go.. It needs time to soak in, it needs time to be gently rubbed in depending on how much you use, it will need between a few min to up to ten.. now I don’t mean that you need to do nothing during that time, just that it will be a bit wet, shiny and working its way in..

I find that beating it fluffy makes a big difference in how it goes on and how it soaks in.. its worth the tiny bit of time it takes to do it.. plus it spreads any eo that I want to use into it very evenly.

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2 Responses to Dry Skin in Fall.. A little help from the kitchen

  1. Widdershins says:

    I find the smell of coconut oil a bit overwhelming, does the peppermint tone it down?

    • hmm, I find the extra virgin organic to be really light in scent compared to some of the other kinds I use for other things, including for soap making an such, but to me, I do smell the peppermint, if you need something this even more scented, you could do two peppermint and two Geranium between the two, you should be over the coconut smell..

      Having said that.. as always if using a new EO, even when blended into a carrier oil (the only way I would even consider using it) try and tiny bit on your skin and then wait 20 min and check it, then can do a larger area, wait and check it before using it for a full application.

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