Last Trip out into bush, new land 2016

Well, its been a grand year out camping, hiking, boating an more, I had said to hubby last year, I miss camping, I miss getting out.. over 20 plus hikes, three bigger camping trips and yesterday, I got the most amazing day as a belated birthday present from a dear friend.. she knows me well!

My only trip this year into quebec this year..


it was a grand day and we could not have asked for better weather, we had rain an or snow for most of the week, and given that winter is coming on us, the day was good, but we did have cold damp, some sun, overcast, rain, sleet, snow, see your breath, and back again.. I was in two layers on the bottom including windproof pants over my jeans, four layers, I took a few layers off for photos quick but the jacket, scarf, hat and mitts were needed as was a big fire to warm up by


The official holiday season was closed, so we had extra hiking in an out.. and we had the whole area to ourselves, other then a few quads and hunters that were using a trail further up inland


There was presents an amazing food, this was my present from a awesome friend co-worked with hubby.. thank you guys! we were all in good moods lol


My man posed nicely, looking very natural, but we needed a pop of orange to be safe in the bush, he blended to well..


I on the other hand was less colorful.. but for my hunter orange scarf.. which I needed because I took some mushroom and beach walks..





Hope you all had a great weekend and enjoy seeing some of the beautiful country I live in 🙂

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2 Responses to Last Trip out into bush, new land 2016

  1. Michaela says:

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures with us, I so wish I was there, I can almost smell the coldness! We have grey and deeply murky weather in London this morning. Almost impossible to see the monotone suit wearers shuffling about in the gloom! Let’s all escape the rat race and breathe the fresh air.
    Sorry, getting a bit carried away. Loving your blog, Michaela x

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