Fall Sheep Shearing.

Well, I would like to say that I am getting better but I am not sure that is true.. I do like that I can do it so much faster with the new shears.. and Whiskey’s wool was looking mighty fine..  he had a very poor coat that I took off this spring, it was a mix of shell and matted wool, but he grew a very nice coat this year.. pretty clean, and over five inches since his last shear



The bad will be used for the garden use and the good will be a mix of cleaned and felted and for insulation.. its amazing how well it works when used that way..

Well, I clearly still have a lot to learn! but practise will improve how they turn out, and I did not clean him up, I could have but thought I would show you the real deal of this learning curve..


Anyway, I have one bag with good, one bag with garden-farm use and a ram that gave me the dirty look that said.. women, Its fall, and the wind is cold.. he has spent more time eating in the barn then normal and when at the big hay feeder, he tends to pull it out and then lay down and eat on the blocked wind side to the feeder, he is not a silly boy, he got it figured out.. and it will rapidly grow back enough to give him more protection..

I was pleased to see that under that wool he was in decent shape given how poorly our pasture was with the drought.. I have been struggling with making them eat their hay (when they want pasture) and their grains and extra’s and so forth..

All my ewes were flushed in aug-sept and they all were first time breed in oct.. so if they took and do not cycle again in Nov, I will have a flood of lambs in march but I also have one or two that are out of season breed.

I have a few extra wool lambs that I am going to butcher yet and will be working on their pelts, we will see how it goes..

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6 Responses to Fall Sheep Shearing.

  1. Sara says:

    Interested in knowing more about how you use it in your garden?

  2. I would love to hear more about how you prepare the pelts. Have you done a post on this in the past? I am interesting in saving the ones from my butcher lambs this fall.

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