My Bucket List Blog..

Hi Guys,

I am still working on the months reviews of costs, no worries the meals are being written done and I WILL get it done for you! but the birthday bubble went before and after the day and now I am trying to catch up..

So I am taking turning 44 both in stride and with a bit of a AHHHHH at the same time.. and I have been having a interesting struggle, I have found myself wanting to write posts that just do not really fit this blog..  perhaps a bit to raw in tone, or about life’s more messy bits, or perhaps the odd swear word or two..

But I must write it out.. while my husband writes stories because they flow out of it.. I blog in the same way.. the words must flow, the photo’s will be taken!

So for those that want to do so.. feel free to check out Farmgal’s Bucket List.. its not going to have recipes, and while it will touch on critters, its not about the farm (but I am sure it will come in at times) it will be more personal in a many ways..

Feel free to pop over and have a look at it, I might let folks know about it a few time a year on this blog but otherwise, I plan to keep them apart, no regular link on this site etc


          Farmgal’s Bucket List

See you over there or not.. totally up to you 🙂



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2 Responses to My Bucket List Blog..

  1. Nicola says:

    I like it here, I think I am going to like it over there even more :-). Hurrah for your less restrained voice having an outlet 🙂

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