Bulls Blood Beets

We were cleaning out the Bean Teepee on the weekend and there they were.. stunning amazing Bull’s Blood Beets, that pop of color.. outstanding.. So sorry, I didn’t have the camera and it was all done before I could say.. wait..


Here is a bit more info for you on this amazing beet.. photo from the web, it’s from West Coast Seeds amazing site!

Bulls Blood’ is an heirloom Garden Beet Group cultivar that was developed around 1840. It grows to 2’ tall in the garden. It is grown not only for enjoyment of its tasty beets but also for its flavorful purplish-red leaves which make excellent additions to salads. Regardless of culinary value, ‘Bull’s Blood’ is also grown today in beds, borders and containers solely for the ornamental value of its attractive dark purplish-red foliage which provides excellent contrast with other garden plants. When cut in cross-section, the flesh of this beet is bright red with showy pink rings. In Sweden, red food coloring may be legally produced only from this cultivar.


This beet got overrun in the area it was planted, so only a few made it to full size, I will need to plant it in a different area next year for sure. I thought about just roasting it but I decided that instead I want to make borscht

  • 1 Onion-Peel and Diced
  • 4 med to larger fall beets- just cooked, skins slipped and diced
  • 2 med potato’s -peeled and diced
  • 1 cup of chucky diced cabbage -red or green your choice
  • Salt, Pepper and a bay leaf
  • White or Veggie Stock to cover

I put a tiny bit of lard in the bottom of the pan and added the diced onion, cooked till clear, then added the stock and the rest of the list, cooked with potato’s, cabbage and beets are tender (about 20 to 25 min) and checked and added more salt, removed the bay leaf and can be served with sour cream with green onions on top..


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  1. So, how do the “greens” taste?; )

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