October Unprocessed Week 3 for Cost Data.

Oct 9th

  • omelets loaded veggies and cheese  with drinks 6.99X2
  • Missed lunch as we were working outside and went riding
  • Pork Stew with veggies 5 x2  Biscuits x 6 at 1 each for 6

Total :29

Farmgal Total 11 dollars (yes I rounded it out for cents)

Savings 18 dollars

Oct 10th-

  • Apple, Peanut Butter, Tea Apple, Cheese, Coffee  3 dollars
  • Missed, we got busy working outside and skipped it
  • Early supper.. Potato, ham, cheese casserole  – 10 dollars

Total Cost 13 dollars

Farmgal Total 4.5

Farmgal Savings – 8.5

Oct 11th

  • Oatmeal, Tea 1  Apple, peanut butter and raisins with Coffee 2
  • Vension stew X2 8.99 per portion DH and 1 for FG and 1 For company 8.99 X 4
  • Hubby had Hamburger and Mashed Potato’s 7 dollars and I had tea (I was not wanting to eat supper)

Total: 46

Farmgal Total :11

Farmgal Savings 36

Oct 12th

  • 2 egg omelet and biscuit 8  FG with coffee, 2 biscuit and Peanut butter and tea for hubby 3
  • DH-Chicken finger-fries-coke, Bag of Chips (Dh was traveling) 8.99 Val, Egg Drop Sweet and sour Soup 5
  • Meatball stew (dh)* gifted and FG had Tuna casserole with a tiny bit of cheese 2 * 10 dollars for the whole dish, so 2 per portion (one portion)

Total Costs : 27

Farmgal Costs :15.25

Farmgal Savings 11.75

Oct 13th

  • Toast with peanut butter and marmalade on one DH (Gifted), FG, Apple, Cheese and Biscuit with coffee 2.5
  • Mix of small sandwiches and square at a gathering (DH) (gifted) and Tuna Casserole FG 2
  • Meatball Stew (gifted) and Tuna Casserole with coffee 2.50

Total Costs 7 dollars

Farmgal Costs 3 dollars

Farmgal Savings 4 dollars

Oct 14th

  • Toast with Peanut butter and Marmalade on one DH (gifted) FG- 2 heads of oven roasted broccoli with a touch of butter and salt with coffee 2.99
  • Burger with cheese DH(4) and Skirret Pastry with Tea for FG 2
  • Beef-Burger and Mashed DH 5 and I had the last piece of Tuna Casserole for supper 2

Total Costs-16

Farmgal Costs- 6.75

Farmgal Savings 9.25

Oct 15th

  • Brown Bread with Peanut butter DH 3 and Brown Bread with cheese FG 2 Tea and Coffee
  • Apple and Tea a Coffee for lunch, it was very light as we were quite busy on the farm and garden and hikes and photo shoot. 3
  • Huge Green Garden Salad, tea a coffee 6

Total Costs : 14

Farmgal Costs : 8

Farmgal Savings 8

DH aunt passed away and he made the trip up to the Huntsville area for three days this past week.. some of the meals were on the road and clearly did NOT meet the rules for oct unprocessed but I am including them to keep the data true, other thing will be hard to figure out cost wise as they were “gifted” during the trip.

Yes, I know.. I know.. I should not have made the big old tuna casserole but DH does not like Tuna and I did not think about the fact that I would be eating it for many meals to get though it, and we had hubby home for the rest of the week and so we got busy a lot and that meant we also missed some meals.

Total for the week 152

Farmgal total for the week.  59.50

Farmgal Savings for the week 92.50 or 61 percent savings.


Totals Week 1 (remember was only 2 days long)

Total Cost 62.02

Farmgal Total Cost :26.65

Savings for the week- 35.37 or .57% savings

Total for the Week 2 is 211.07  averages out to 5.02 per meal including snack-drinks

Farmgal Total of the Week is 66.79 Averages out to 1.59 per meal including snack-drinks

Total Savings for the week is 144.28 or 68% by being on the farm.

Total for the week 3 – 152 Averages out to 3.62 per meal including snacks and drinks

Farmgal total for the week.  59.50

Farmgal Savings for the week 92.50 or 61% savings

Total to date – 452.09

Farmgal Costs to date-152.94

Total Savings to date- 299.15 with a 66% average savings

So this past week as all over the place, travel, eating out, missed meals and more.. welcome to real life..  🙂

Still averaging out at 66% savings for farmgal costs.. interesting to see what the back two weeks of the month will bring.. we have company and birthdays






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2 Responses to October Unprocessed Week 3 for Cost Data.

  1. valbjerke says:

    So 452.09 to date – and that’s “retail” for two people? So times two if we’re figuring on a family of four……this is getting interesting. 😊

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