Wordless Weds

Have not had one of these in a while and I am running today….so you get photos today!!





And last but not least.. its lock down day.. cross our fingers that we will have fluffy butts for Valentines day! on my first test run of the year.



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4 Responses to Wordless Weds

  1. judy says:

    Love the pics! Nothing like home grown, home made & enjoyed at home! Everything looks soooo good!
    Good luck with your new arrivals!!

    • Thank you Judy, Glad you enjoyed the photos, I agree, things made at home can be so good. I loved that cranberry jam, it was made with fresh locally grown cranberries, and it is so rich and tart..

      I am crossing my fingers that I will have a good hatch.

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Okay, so I know you were running around today; but hoping you’ve got some time now to give labels for your pics?
    Recognise the first one as your cake recipe from a couple of days ago and, of course, the last is of your Quail eggs looking all happy/toasty in the incubator… (They are just so cool looking, and I can barely wait to see the weeFuzzyButts btw!: )
    But, what can you tell me(us; ) about the rest of the pics? And, of course, are there any recipes/ blog posts connected to any of them? (Please&ThankYou: )

    • First one is my white butter cake with mixed fruit peel.. aka cheap mixed fruit peel, which is why we tease its our turnip cake 🙂

      the second one is of my favorite white bread, the buttermilk bread..


      The next one was the bread with thinly sliced leftover chicken fried steak, with fresh sprouts on it..

      The next was a honey wheat bread that was a new recipes and it needs work, to sweet, not the right texture for what I like in a wheat bread.. but if you do not try new recipes.. how do you learn.. and it has my homemade locally grown cranberries jam on it..


      and you got the last one 🙂

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