No Buy Feb 2016- Week 1 Overview

Hello Folks,

Well, the first week is done and it was both easy and hard..

The easy part was we are not lacking.. while I am already out of fresh fruit, we have lots of canned and frozen fruit, we have some dried and I also brought in my pre-potted rhubarb roots that was done in the fall to start thawing and growing for fresh rhubarb in the middle of winter.

I am out of extra greens, so we are down to sprouts and pea greens as well as frozen or dried greens..  nothing that you can’t deal with..  Lots of eggs coming in the house, so great there and I have three ewe’s that are walking baby bellies!

The harder was my day out, I was grateful that Deb paid for my breakfast so that I did not break the rules but while I really enjoyed my looking at the shopping trip afterward, I would have gotten a great granite bowl and grinder for sure and we went lee valley tools…

YES, I went to lee valley tools and left the store without buying anything.. talk about will power!! LOL

The really hard was realizing that I am one hair wash away from being out of my favorite conditioner..  (how did that happen, why is there not any extra, because it’s not been on sale for months, or more like for at least a year plus) which let me tell you did not make me happy..

My longer hair needs to have a softener added after being washed..  but we have eggs for a deep condition and we have lots of rice.. so I will be doing rice water rinse

Did you just go.. huh, rice water rinse? The joy of this is that you just need to soak your rice in water (which also cuts down the cooking time) and instead of putting it down the sink.. it has a job to do.. or you can make your rice with extra water just for this, either way, it’s very little extra work and because it can be stored in the fridge and or fermented to a point, it does not need to be made daily and it should be diluted

What is Rice Water?

Rice water, in its simplest form, is the water that is leftover after washing off rice in preparation for eating. It can be concentrated or diluted and even fermented to bring out most of its benefits.

Rice water contains nutrients that can fortify hair and renew skin when used as a facial wash or hair rinse, and unlike many products for skin or hair care on the commercial market, it is an easy and natural way to care for your skin and hair.

For more information,  check out it all out on this link

Other then that surprise, we had a cord give out, and it was a important one, its the cord that runs the heater in the big water trough.. its needed..  its been taken care of but while we have smaller cords, at this point, we have nothing as a current backup longer then 25 feet for outdoor winter left.

If I did not believe in solar power so much, and was a normal person that has more cords around, it would not matter but its a area that I will need to increase the backups on the farm.

That’s it for now.. how did everyone else’s week go..

Savings for week one

  • Food Costs- 25
  • Coffee on girls night out – 2
  • Breakfast out 20 (meals plus tip, plus tax)
  • Not buying the bowl 16
  • Not buying at Lee Valley – (assuming that I was cheap that day) 60 at least
  • Church Basement – 5 dollars ( I need second pots for a few things I want to do)
  • Allowance -20 each so 40 total

Total Savings for week 1 – 108 dollars



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6 Responses to No Buy Feb 2016- Week 1 Overview

  1. ForestFun says:

    Congratulations on the great willpower at Lee Valley! Have you ever experimented with cider vinegar as a hair conditioner/rinse? My daughter who colors her hair started using it and noticed that she had less hair loss in the shower. I started to use it as well and it seems like I can go longer between washes. I have shortish hair but she has long, long hair. She started making her own vinegar for this purpose from apple peels and cores left over from cooking. Purchasing apple cider vinegar for this purpose is not a savings though.

    • Hi Forest Fun, I have used Apple Cider as a rinse and its good at a once an while, I love it in the summer to help with heavily sweated hair, but I do not find it to be as good at softening as the rice water rinse.. and not much is better then a rich farm egg yolk for really deep conditioning.

      I can see your point for sure on making your own to help save on costs, its certainly not cheap at all if you are buying it.. I use Apple cider Vinegar in a mix I make for my dogs coats and for my horse fly spray as well. It is also what I use to start my grain ferments, amazing stuff!

      • ForestFun says:

        Ah yes, she was looking for a solution to commercial conditioners because even with every other day washing, her hair seemed to look greasy fairly quickly. Since washing long hair frequently is not good for it she decided to try the vinegar. She’s intrigued about the rice water rinse so I’m passing the link you provided along to her. Do you just separate a fresh egg yolk and apply to your hair after washing? Do you let it set a certain amount of time? Do you just rinse it out with water?

      • hi, for the egg yolk, now I know folks that beat the whole egg till it gets that lighter softer yellow to it and use it like that, I prefer when doing a deep condition to split it and beat a couple yolks only till smooth, an softer yellow, if to thick to work with, just add a tsp of warm water to beat in till its a nice workable texture

        I tend to use a small paint brush to get the mix on evenly, work in with very gentle rubbing with fingers, pile up on head and let it sit five to ten min (you can go longer if she has quiet house, but that’s about as long as I normally get) then rinse out really well with cool at first water, moving up to warm after first rinse is well out

        can play with the egg mixture, can add olive oil, a tbsp. spoon or two, or can add a tiny bit of honey to beat in.. I tend to do the yolk-honey for small batch split end treatment.

  2. Week one went well at our house. I got a treat since my friend took me out for appetizers and drinks so there was no cheating there. And the whole family went to Gpa and Gma’s house and got to have pizza. Grocery savings this week are $250. I dont really have a way to know what else I would have spent so this year we are just focusing on the food part of it.

    • That’s a great overview and nice to read it, and glad that you had a friend outing and always great to have time with the grands.. you are so lucky to have them live close enough to visit.. Makes total sense on the accounting.. great savings, wow, that means if you can do it for the whole month, a savings of a thousand.. but as they say.. one day at a time.. one day at a time.

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