Our First piglets

Now it might seem that given that I have a background which included time on a farm or two with my folks, a good amount of time in teen years at my uncles farm working with horses and farm critters that the story of our first piglets here on the farm would be a smooth one..

Get a cup of coffee and pull up a chair and get ready to laugh at us..  and remember that it never works the way you expect.. no matter how much planning you think you have done.

First year on the farm, I want to raise pigs for the freezer, I start hunting down heritage piglet breeders and finally I find piglets available that are everything I want, natural born momma in big piles of straw, outdoor huts and lots of rooting going on.. so we drive 3 hours (one way) to pick up Fred and Barney. They are young, in the 40 pound range is my guess and we load them in the big old dog crate stuffed with bedding and they grunt and keep each other company.

Now back on the farm, I had a huge indoor piggy area all prepped and a pop out door to a small but sturdy pallet fence outdoor area so they could sleep in the sun and dig up greens. Now remember when we bought my farm, no fences, everything is open and the hundred plus acres around me are in hay, edges by the creek on one side and the river on the other..

So we get home, we carefully carry that crate down and I open it in the pig pen, they bolt out, zoom, zoom around the pen they go and the tiny holes that we had put up a board across that were to be small for them to get out.. WRONG!

Both piglets are threw and out and they run right out of the barn, into the barn yard and then freeze! This not their farm.. we try herding them with boards.. NOPE.. off they go.. now they running around the barn, zooming out into our pasture and hubby tried to cut them off..

Now I will not lie, at this point I have already said to my man, just stop. you can’t catch them and I am just standing there.. but hubby is slow moving up to them and then at times he bolting..  I finally lose my temper a little and pretty much say..

That’s it.. STOP CHASING THEM< I am going to the house.. and he follows me in.. at this point, they are specks and then they are down into the creek and gone..

Fine.. great! just great..

So we go out, and I move a pan of tiny bit of food before the place they came out of and nice big pan of food and goodies in the pen itself but can be seen from the doorway, I put out a second pan of fresh water, and I set a board ready to be nailed up to stop any further we are out of here moves

And I head to the house and it gets dark, and my man worries, ok, I might have worried a bit as well but I was pretty calm.. we only had two ways this can go..

The next morning at 4 amish but barely daylight, I gear up and head as quiet as I can to the barn.. and I look.. at first nothing..

Then I heard them..  grunt, grunt , the straw shakes and little fat snouts and wide floppy ears pop out of the bedding to look at me..

Did you bring us breakfast?  I say! go back to sleep silly piglets and we nail up the board..

I know that the fact that they were raised outside, coming back the shelter at night was taught to them but let me tell you, we did the whoop of joy after we left the barn and look at each other.

home again, thankful that they came home!

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2 Responses to Our First piglets

  1. Ha ha ha – that is an excellent story! Clever you are. c

  2. judy says:

    Absoluetly tooooo FUNNY & they say farm folk don’t have any fun!!!!!!!!!!!!! Since we’ve had MANY roundups of our own we’re still laughing at your story!!!!!!!! We’re just thankful it happens on other farms too! Hubby adores pigs! Buy a soft scrub brush & they adore a good old back scrub! They’ll go right to sleep, its funny to watch! ENJOY!!!!! OH, what breed??? Would love to see pics! Please!
    Thanks for sharing! Still laughing!

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