Readers that have turned into friends

I spent a awesome 3 hours chatting this morning with one of my online friends and who comments on the blog,  she is an amazing women, we connected online, moved it to a facebook friendship and now when we can find time we have a chat voice to voice,  Her’s is full of life, its got a accent that makes me smile, and her wisdom is great but its her laugh that catches me each time..  its truly a beautiful laugh..

I have been blogging now for five years and when I started I went with farmgal and dear hubby and I never used photos that showed our faces and I was careful on what I wrote about where we lived and so forth..

5 years later, farmgal is a nickname that is so known that folks will come up to me at events and introduce themselves to me that way.. When I gave talks in the summer of 2015, my write up intro included that I was Farmgal, I think its going to stick around.

I remember being at a party and a now friend came in and when intro’s where being made and it got to me, she laughed and said, “that is Farmgal, love your blog” and I smiled and said, hi and its Val..

Over the years, I have driven hours to meet someone in the middle, lunch and have a plant swap, that friendship has bloomed, we chat on the phone, and we try and see each other once or twice a year, we do double dates out with our hubbies.

I have meet a few folks over the years that I did not click with in person the same way I did online (as an example, there was a gentleman who was a regular way at the beginning but when it got to the point that he was talking about coming and parking his bus at the farm) I knew that it was time to nip idea’s like that.

I have meet folks at events and they have turned into coffee visits and facebook friends, I have though the net meet the ladies that I now do my monthly ladies lunch..

So today, I lift my glass to my readers!

All of them, be it the new ones that are just getting to know me and the farm, be it those that have been with me from the very first few months(you know who you are, old timers) to those that I have only meet once or twice over the years but feel all more close to for having meet you in person, and to those that now see regular.

Thank you all for being here, life is full of blessings an challenges. The folks that have come into my life from my blog fall firmly into the blessings!


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9 Responses to Readers that have turned into friends

  1. And thank you for being such a lovely and hardworking farmgal!

  2. Cheers to YOU! Thank you for being so informative and fun! We live in South Texas, almost to Mexico, so it would be a grand trek to meet in the middle! But maybe someday, you never know! Our farm family loves your blog and we hope you keep on writing!

  3. meixinmom says:

    I have always seen you as an inspiration, a friendly bright light from the north. I, too, wanted a farm, DH said he did when we were dating, but everything I find is just “not right”. I have the feeling I get to farm vicariously through you. Thank you for your high energy, inspiration, and friendliness!

    • Ah, thank you, that was so sweet to read and I like that so much, a friendly bright light from the north, farming is a lot of hard work but so worth it, but you can do lots of little things in the house and yard and so forth even when in town, so please do farm with me in Spirit but I look forward to hearing about all the things you do as well that brings you joy that are homestead related (that you do not need a homestead for)

  4. Lake Lili says:

    Well I don’t comment here as often as I once did, but your blog is read out loud on its arrival and himself and the kiddo love the information and pictures about the animals, while I quietly covet your gardens – especially the squash and melon patch. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

    • Hi Lili an family, I always love hearing from you, but i understand on the comments, i am so pleased to hear that its read, i have a number of projects coming in 2016 that should be interesting to share.. going to be a big learning year for me. I imagine that it would be harder to garden where you are at, what zone? i have found some really amazing short term seed this year including a tiny 2 pound butternut type that is ready in 60 days.. it would work for all really short season gardens.

      • Lake Lili says:

        Technically we are a 4A on the hardiness ratings but our big challenge can be that it can be June before the snow departs let alone the ground unfreezing, and with the thin mountain soils, container gardening in a rental house is the way to go. I have got wonderful tomatoes and my rhubarb has done very well. Our wild berries were very poor this year but I have a freezer full of bake apple berries that make the most delicious cake filling. Would love to know the details of the 60 day butternut. Take care.

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