Rendering Lard-Grinding it followup

As I had a bit of comments both here and on facebook about the grinding of the fat, I wanted to just do a quick photo blog of the difference..

So here it what I used to get

2013-01-01 1310 (600x450)

and then I would cut it up and render it down

porkbelly 004

You see the huge difference in getting it ground right out of the package


the first difference is that it takes  you a lot less time, and my butcher costs is the same, I pay per pound, be it in chunky raw hunks or ground and wrapped, second it takes less time to process by around four hours for the same crock pot full, while crock pots are energy saving, four hours less is still four hours less.


Here is the main things I use to work it, I strain it with pasta strainer, getting as much of the bits out(which my birds eat like candy) as possible, this was five packages worth of ground which were to be right around a pound per (but my butcher plays pretty loose with that, he can be a bit under or a over.. anywhere between 3 oz on either side, this would drive some sellers crazy but because its for my own home use, I am good


Then I use this lovely metal with a screen, it was got at Princess Auto in the camping section (it came as a xmas gift about three years back) and its to make fresh grounds free coffee, but I use it for so many straining things.. I love that its stainless steel, I can take out or leave in the metal screen depending on my needs.


I got 4 an half pints of fat, this is my large black girls fat, if you did not know that it was lard, you would think it was the nicest looking honey 🙂 in those jars.. Tallow and lamb or sheeps fat comes out more white for me.

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5 Responses to Rendering Lard-Grinding it followup

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    After your other bit on FB, I got looking around comparing lard/ tallow/ true suet (and not): and it was mentioned that tallow was used for candle-making… So, I was just wondering, have you ever – made tallow candles, that is?
    And yes, it does look a lot like Clover/ light Summer honey; )

  2. valbjerke says:

    Nice to see others who render fat and don’t waste it. For all the years we sold pigs, nobody ever wanted the fat. (Or the head, feet, kidneys, hocks…. So all that came back to me – free of course because they pay on hanging weight)
    I’ve always rendered the kidney fat separately. It makes a beautiful white lard that makes stellar pastry. The hubby knows he’s not to use that for cooking. 😊

  3. Monie says:

    I absolutely LOVE this information! We have two pigs which should give birth early 2016. I’ve been wanting to use the fat to make soap/etc… It will be our first experience with rendering lard and I’m so excited!

    • Glad you enjoyed reading the post, if you are going to try and grind your own fat, do it as cold and frozen as possible, I have not had the best luck doing it at home. Cutting it up by hand does take a great deal of time compared, but I have also slashed it in lines and baked it out in the oven as well..

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