Ewes are all bred now..

After marking the calendar starting in mid sept, I have been watching and seeing who is in heat and who was in heat, bred an who caught an who breed again.


Mocha has been seen to be bred each cycle but just keeps coming in, she is coming ten this year, I hoping its not a age related thing but this week, she was the very last ewe to come in and be bred again, I saw her bred by whiskey an by my backup ram, Horns, so I will either get late lambs with her or she will be a miss this year

P1050055The rest of the girls however have all appeared to have caught, no active breed in Nov-Dec, so at five months I should have first lambs feb-march. However having said that I often have one female that gives me Christmas or first week of jan lambs, and a few ewe did cycle an bred late aug and while its possible they were bred again in sept, they have not been seen to bred again.

I need to see this again and then….


Fresh milk in the house again!! YES

Juno the goat however is hanging out with her boyfriend happy as can be but no signs of a heat since he came, he is as relaxed as they come, a very good boy but I would love to see them get busy.

How is your flock breeding going, do you run your ram year round or do you plan your lambing? I have been loving a friends kids photos, he had late fall kids so cute.


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4 Responses to Ewes are all bred now..

  1. We breed late, in Nov & Dec because the weather is just too cold here to risk lambing before April. So our ladies are with the rams now and will be until the end of the month.

  2. Monie says:

    We have goats here in Texas. We’ve kept them together hoping for babies anytime since Winter here seems to be relatively mild compared to Canada. I’m crossing my fingers at this point since I really want to make goat cheese!

    • Nice, o yes, I am Zone 5 in gardening and while its taking its time, when winter comes, I will really have winter here and lots of snow. You will love your goat cheese, I am going to be doing a number of post on ways to make your own rennet from fowl and plant sources.

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