Brrr.. bedding down.. this and that post

Hello Folks..

While we might not have snow, we certainly have cold, its downright bitter out there, the ground is freezing, the water buckets have a heavy sheet on them, other then the big tank with its heater in it.. the rabbits have moved to their crocks for the winter, and a couple times a day, its bang, bang, as the ice comes out in blocks and the fresh water goes in..


I have some very nice big grow outs happening with lovely winter coats coming in on them.. looking forward to the pelts at a future point.. The rabbits are burning though their bedding, I have cheaper hay then I do straw at the moment that is good quality for the rabbits, so they get their grower, some fresh greens and their bedded down in the inside part of the hutch with fresh hay and they are going thought it hard and fast right now.. In the summer, it was a once a week clean and top up, right now, they need a top up, every 3 days..

The Pigs in the big barn are getting huge chips in and are as warm as can be.. sheltered and as always, you see no sign of them when you head in.. they lumber out of their dug bed, sides steaming with the cool air..


The quail are doing quite well, we will be wrapping their pen, but they crack me up, they borrow into the hay like little fluffy worms, and then pop their heads back out the side with this look that says, just keep it full and fluffy and we are all good.. I am quite excited about one of my big Christmas presents which is a incubator, ( I normally only hatch all natural and I still will ) but my quail will not sit their eggs and I want a breeding program, so I must step up and make it happen, It will also be quite lovely to expand other breeding programs, with a chicks day old costing 6.50 including shipping and tax, with a duckling pushing 8 and with turkey pullets over ten, I am looking at the investment for the future..


My lovely tom Whistle and his yet unnamed hen (got a great name to go with Whistle has settled in well and I am greatly looking forward to lots of wee turkey pullets next year, I am planning on letting the hen sit on her own nest but I am also hoping to snag a week or ten days worth of laying for my own clutch and they ideally give them back to her to raise 🙂

We cleaned out hutches, and two of the big pens, which meant lots of wheel barrels were hauled to the garden areas, I raised five long beds, 4 feet plus wide and approx. 40 feet long another solid foot, above their already 8 to foot height over the ground around them, we will top that will another 5 to 6 wheel barrels yet and then it will compost in place in the spring, they are being layered into hot beds..  First a thick 6 to 8 inches of straw chips was done this spring, to which small hills where planted, over the season, I added in more compost and mix between the hills, creating two planting lines per 4 foot bed after it was harvested twice, we have then added sheep-goat, hay bedding in layers, then a layer of bird-bedding and I will finish it with a two year old compost pile layer.. in the spring, they will all heat faster, drain faster and they will start composting, and I will track the heat in them and be able to hoop them and use them as combo, early gardens and as hot beds for the garden 2016 season only.

A solid five hours of work today will be so worth it, if my shoulders are a bit sore 🙂

I had to take some time out of the planned list today as my hubby needed a photo head shot for one of his publishers, So this is the best of the one I got today, not sure it will be the one, but I like it..

I have to include a before and after LOL

What my man normally looks like on the farm 🙂

farmer j

He does have a office job to be fair, and he looks like this most days


But today, after a hair and beard trim, I worked on getting a head shot for him.. and this was pretty much my best today.. think I need to add his leather hat in and go for a quieter background.. we will see.


So proud of you hon, Folks often comment that I am crazy busy on the farm, well, my darling man is the same, a  full time office job, a second daily part time job on the farm weekdays, a full time job on the farm weekends and he is a published writer many times over now..






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2 Responses to Brrr.. bedding down.. this and that post

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    So pensive in the “before” and quite jolly in the “after”; but I really like the summer pic with oaken backdrop: )
    Lovin’ your fuzzy bunns, inquisitive quail, and gorgeous Tom Turkey. Oh, and how about Penny & Whistle?

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