Seed Potato’s are ordered for 2016

sieglinde (2)An the Seed Potato order is done for 2016, Picked up a bit of savings for ordering early, helped cover the shipping costs, which is nice indeed.. I do like Eagle Creak Seed Potatos farm in Alberta, great selection, great seed potoatos and to date outstanding service.. I have used them before, and love their selection.

Here is a overview of some of the potatos we have grown from them in the past and we were doing a grow in straw trail just to see how it would compare to growing in double dug potato beds, the answer is, in a pinch, it works ok.. but compared to the well done properly double dug bed, we get almost double yields in the ground vs the popular shown straw way of growing..

Went with my favorite Seglinde, -outstanding potato that I can not find locally,  so happy to be getting it back for 2016! this spud in my trails produces amazing, we have in years past got a yield of 18 to 1.. so that is a average of 18 pounds per one pound planted, the books say that this spud can yield as high as 20 pounds to one but we have not got that yet!

Then because I loved this german spud so much, I ordered in two new heritage german mid and late season to try them out.. including the german butterball.. Grow reports on them will come in next year.

I will also be interested to see if they will produce seed balls for me, Seglinde has done so before for me.. I was careful on the mix I picked to grow as if I keep back seeds, then I wanted to be watching what the blend would be. I very interested in working on a breeding TSP potato trail in the future.

Where do you get your seed potatos? and what is your favorite one? and why, what is your best yeilding spud for your area to date.. Please provide a bit of basic info, soil type, way of growing, zone and yields..



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3 Responses to Seed Potato’s are ordered for 2016

  1. valbjerke says:

    I find growing in used straw (both horse and cow manure straw) works very well for us. Growing in the ground tends to give me scabby potatoes and no matter what I try I’ve not been able to amend the soil to rid the scab. The potatoe that come out of the straw are pristine. One day when I’ve time I’m going to save seed as well and try and create our own potato.

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