Garden count 2015- 4085 pounds..

Hard Fruits

Apples-156 pds
Crabapples-52 pds
Wild Crabapples-33 pds
Cherries Sour-0
Cherries Sweet-0
Pears- 0
Mulberries- tree died
Wild Plums-0

Total Hard Fruit Very poor year indeed

Soft Fruits

  • Gooseberries-18
    Cranberries- 0
    High Bush Cranberries- 12
    Blueberries -0
    Red Currents- 22
    Black Currents-18
  • white currents- 11
  • Clove currents -1 pound
    BlackBerries- 42
    Grapes- 61

and that is why we are always adding in more soft fruit.. its without a doubt our better producers year after year.


  • Beans=268
    Zucchini- 36
    Acorn Squash-14
    Butternut Squash- 142
  • other squashes- 426 pounds
  • pumpkins-520
    Potatoes- 0- bought this year
  • Sweet potatoes- 286 pounds
    Basil- lots
    Storing Onions- 9
    Green onions- 32
    horseradish-11 pounds
  • horse radish green- 82 pounds
    Kale-41 pounds
    Collard Greens- 55
    Kohlrabi- 49
    Green’s salad mix- 39
  • mustard green -91
    Broccoli- 23
    Asparagus- 32
    Pea’s- 67
    Watermelons- 0
    Carrots- 22
    Corn- 36
    Cabbage 56
  • brussel sprouts 76
    Turnips -97

and I know that I had at least another couple hundred pounds that was not tracked properly of the smaller items, including herbs and medical plants along with small amounts that were eaten fresh or pulled and used for feed.. Not all amounts were human quality, and the amount does not include the loss for prepping the best quality for us, but that is my total for 2015 in terms of the amount of poundage grown, harvested and feed to either ourselves, fresh eating, put up for winter use or used for the critters..

My guess is that I had another 300 to 500 pounds worth of plants, greens, roots, stems and so forth that went to the pigs as fodder over the season as well.

So it was a good year but not as good as it could be.. please remember that we do all out gardening by hand or with critter power.. all hand planted, all hand worked and all hand harvested and prepped.

I am grateful to my gardens for the bounty this year and hope for a even better year in 2016.. I want to crack that 5000 pound mark in 2016, please note that the food grown is all grown in my front yard, which includes my gardens and my food forest, the total amount of land for that (and its not in full production, there is lots of room for more gardens and plantings) is one an half acres. the main gardens scatters around are around 3/4th of a acre in solid production.

Zone 5, Frost free days this year 141 it was a good spring with reasonable rain, but did require some hand watering, the summer was warm but very few truly hot days, reasonable amounts of natural rain fall but without all my water collecting from my metal roofs to water the gardens it would have been a reduced crop, fall was long, slow and warm, cool nights but a outstanding fall.

We interplanted and seasonally planted, there was not a spot of dirt showing that was not planted or re-planted thought out the season, in a almost all cases I was able to get two crops in the gardens and in some places I was able to get three crops.

We had no issues with critters, other then the odd chicken damage, but we did have a good amount of pest issues this year along with a outbreak of rust that had to be battled daily.

We did a lot of seed saving this year, along with a good amount of dried beans for winter storage and use.  Of course that meant that were not able to get full harvests from those plants

So how was your gardens this year, amazing,  or just ok, or poor. What was your biggest success this year.. what did you grow and hate, what did you grow and love! how was your garden season in terms of weather patterns, normal, strange.. good or poor..

Did you save seeds, did you put up what you wanted or did you have to buy locally to get what you wanted an if so, how was the farmers markets, I made it to two only and the prices were so high that I walked out without buying a single thing.




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4 Responses to Garden count 2015- 4085 pounds..

  1. Vicki Green says:

    Very impressive production on 3/4 acre. Congratulations!

  2. Wow….you did great! My garden was ok this year, but we had a lot of damage from deer. Working on a better fence system for next year. i might have to do deer netting. *sigh*

    Thanks for linking up with Green Thumb Thursday! I hope to see you back this week!


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