Black Friday Sales- Farmgal Style

So the flyers came, they were read, the lists were made ready, the trip was planned and we needed to get to six, count them six stores for the planned black Friday sales! O YA!

My hubby is on a writers board and on the black Friday list, everyone was talking about, they got this game or this movie set or this new TV..

So here is what we got on our black Friday sales..

3 month supply of locally made butter on sale at 2.88

6 jars of 1 liter kraft peanut butter at 5 dollars off per jar

a case of 48 tomato paste

a couple cases of pasta, 12 bags per case at a dollar each (and the good kind)

A case of dish soap, at a mear dollar a bottle saving almost 3 on each one

A flat of canned milk.. backup for when my girls are dry and for certain recipes as needed. at a great price, (A price I have not seen for 2 years locally)

and slippers that are normally 30 on for 6 dollars..

Hmmm what else, o I remember now, a case of hubbies favorite Italian wedding soup..

And I got 5 serving bowls at my second hand shop, all matching for 25 cents each..

So did you black Friday shop? if so, did you do it online? or did you brave the stores? if you went out.. did you stock up like me, cherry picking the best the stores offered at rock bottom prices, running in and out, with no other shopping allowed.. or did you go for one of those big “wants” at a good price..




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4 Responses to Black Friday Sales- Farmgal Style

  1. meixinmom says:

    Great to see you again! I imagine I’m just not getting everything–that happens!. Good job! I didn’t give in to temptation because of a local ice storm. Otherwise, I am a wimp and detest people fighting over insignificant items in the store (which happens here), so generally avoid Black Friday at the store anyway. Another reason to stock up on needed items “in case”. Did do some on-line shopping, easier to avoid temptation that way.

    • Hi Meixinmom,

      I am still waiting for my cord to come by mail so I can get my own laptop back online but snagged hubbies for this post, he has been working crazy long hours so his boss gave him the day off.. so nice to have him home and giving me a hand on the farm. We did a lot of things that having two sets of arms this morning really helped 🙂

      I was very lucky, because we only went to our local second town, it was no busier then a typical Saturday shopping trip but because we got out Friday, the stocks were all in for the weekend, so we got top pick selection and while a couple items did have limits, the casher overrode them and processed it right though.

      Online sales can be a excellent way to get a great deal and not have to go out for sure. I know myself well, at the two stores that I would have problems getting in and out, I just sent hubby in with the list, numbers and went to the next store, that way I got just what I wanted and nothing else.. not one impuluse buy at any of the stores, but I did get 4 Christmas presents but they were on the list in case I found them, so that was just perfect..

      • meixinmom says:

        Good thinking! If I could get my DH to do that, we could avoid extras, too. 🙂 He may be as bad with temptation. I did get a few yards of flannel @ $2.26/yd.from Joann’s Fabrics to make some of the corn warmers for Christmas. Cheaper in the store, but safer from home.

    • Bad icestorm or just a stay home, its all good icestorm

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