Christmas Advent 2016

Last year, Hubby and I did a small Christmas Advent gifts for the full 25 days, we loved it and by day 5 my mom said, she just wished she was doing the same.. so  we headed out and in two hours, we had her gifts bought, another two hours wrapped and boxes and mailed by express.

It was a hit so this year, we drew names and have shopped.. Hubby got Niece HP and I am not going to lie.. he paid, I did the shopping and he did get the wrapping paper and tap etc, but I did the wrapping myself, but he will be the one driving in the city to get the box to the greyhound bus..


It was very challenging and interesting to get those 25 gifts was.. now I just need to get the very last ones done for my sister in law, I am quite excited about hers, some of them are homemade-farm and some are a tip your head back and relax after, and the rest.. well, she reads this blog.. so I say, no more..

I will say this.. I was so glad to realize that I could buy a few of those little booze bottles at the LCOB,  I figure when she see’s them wrapped she will know what they are.. but not what is in them 🙂 so I can talk about it here.

My mom says that almost all my gifts are from her house, not bought.. this should be very interesting indeed.. and very special in its own way in regards to the fact that I hope a few come with stories that I know

Its seems so early but when you need to have them mailed in time for the first to be opened for Dec 1st, you are on a time crunch!

Do you draw names, do you make homemade gifts, Do you do a advent calendar?

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