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A warm hello to my readers on this cool day, I wanted to just have a cuppa with you and catch you up on things, so please join me.. make a fresh cup of tea and get caught up 🙂

I am serving Chia for myself but I am will make you a strong coffee or a proper red rose in a tea up  if you prefer

So my own computer battery cord got chewed up.. hmm so I learned that the little flat end is a odd one, who knew that most cords that are chargers have round ends and so I wait for the cord to come in from amazon after everyone locally said, they do not carry it and to just order it, I figured ok, I will just do the fast delivery, but alas no.. the company that sells it, says 5 to 12 days to get it here..

At least I can get on a tiny bit with hubbies work laptop for a few min in the evening, but I have itchy fingers and so much I want to blog about but it does not make sense to write it out and then type it.. so it will have to wait until my computer is back on line.

The past two days have been the first that I feel like I am more back in my groove not missing my momma so much and being back to it being normal to be alone for the day other then the critters.

Today was Ferrier day, so it was a busy morning, but I am very pleased that both of my big guys feet are looking good, no healthy issues were found, good growth was noted and our new program on how to get the meds into my fussy with her feet worked well.. so well in fact that I also did a bit of routine cleaning for her while drugged, so she got her teeth checked, and her bag washed out. Caleb had got a small poke, I assume from getting to close while we are forking hay over and so I found it, it was carefully checked, cleaned and salve put on it, it will need to be treated daily for 3 to 5 days, I want to keep it dried out and clean while it heals, the jaw area is NOT where you want a infection to spread, while this one is currently small and on the outside, it would be very bad indeed if it went inward.

We spent between the 2 of us 14 hours on the weekend, we had a fire going the whole time, we burned the burdock plants, having already collected the seeds I wanted, having collected and burned the dry wild parsnip seed heads, and cutting and burning other weed plants that are either seeds with pokes that can get into the critters mouths or that are poison to both the critters and ourselves, we also burned anything that was a hard to compost biomass.. the ash is well burned and clean, it will be used in the gardens.

Speaking of gardens, we got another one totally redone and I have now seeded it down with a mix of raddish seed, mustard seed and barley as a green crop, this will be turned under in the spring for the spring planting, this garden is in year one this year, it was a sheet garden which had beans grown up the gate and with squash grown either up or out, the bed was 6 inch thick straw chips, and then hills for the squash and a small four inch line of compost-soil mix for the beans.

It produced both well and poorly, we made a mistake with the compost and so we struggled with the plants, it was only after I started watering it with nettle and comfrey tea and then added chopped comfrey to it that it truly produced well enough.


It very much needed a major overhaul, so the climber was cleaned off, the soil was cleaned up, turned and allowed to be exposed, the green area was weeded, with the greens going to the critters, then we added in a total of 5 wheel barrels of rabbit (cool) compost, a light dusting of cool hard wood ash, a light dusting of my home grown chopped and dried comfrey and a inch of bird compost, all mixed together and the beds were expanded to three feet on each side and three foot half moons added on each end.


The out laying area was mowed low and tight and then bedded down.. looking much better now. this bed is not in effect a raised bed, its over a foot high compared to the area around it, I intend to do a very early spring pea planting for the climber, and spring greens, onions and radishes in the beds and then it will be replanted in 30 to 45 days into its summer plants and the peas will come out and beans will go in.

Lots more gardens to be finished out yet but I am pleased with the bedding down that we have been able to get done so far before the snow flies, I am also thrilled that I am still being able to pick fresh greens in the yard.

Hubby has been working extra long hours at work, in some cases arriving home as late as possible on the bus (he had three times that he can pick up) and even in one case missing the buses and needing to take a taxi, thankfully that is cost if covered by his work. I am just glad that they respect and admire his work, that is always a good thing.

But if does give me a bit more work for myself on the farm but that is ok as well, without the computer working, its a good thing that I have even more to do.. I find myself with a stack of books to read, I am working on reading a number of my garden books, I re-read the chapter on squash on The Resilient Gardener, I am reading How to grow more vegetables by john Jeavons from start to finish..

What are you reading right now?  Got a amazing gardening related book that I just need to read? Let me know in the comments, please an thanks.

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