Cucuzza squash

After a month of curing this squash, I got my smallest out and got busy with it.. the Kleenex box is there for sizing for you


It had very few seeds, but I got some at least and hope that my bigger ones have at least the same amount. Storage is good, the taste boiled is soft an very mild, with natural sweetness.


The Baked is lovely, mashes up very well and was used to make squash cookies, which everyone says taste like  zucchini cookies, not pumpkin, which surprised me.

The end was easily cleaned and would make very good hollows for stuffing and baking in the oven, this is a finely thinned squash. I can see why they are used skin on when in the young stage.

I will do a second one in dec and ideally one in Jan to test for holding and storage.

We are going to be building a second teepee type structure next spring to grow this squash on, I am looking forward to seeing if it will help it produce better, I had so many young fresh smaller green ones this year, with only a few making it into fully mature, tan ready for storage and I want to be choose seed and improve this ideally!



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